16 November 2005

Kahsoon's Hottestblogger.com Threaten with Law Suit for Plagiarism

A friend of mine showed me a link and asked me to read it, to my suprise the blog belongs to a lady by the name of Nicole Hu.

You see, Nicole Hu's picture were plagiarised from her blog and were post onto Hottestblogger.com All these were done without her prior consent nor approval. She is now threatening Kahsoon with "either you take it down or I will sue you"

and I quote from Nicole Hu's Blog :

Just something that got me a slightly riled up. This is to the rude, exploitative man-boy who put me as a "competitor" for some poll on his HottestBlogger site w/out my permission. I demand to be removed RIGHT AWAY, or I will take legal action against you. I've checked it out. Don't think I'm flattered, because, really dude, I am not. I believe you could be a nice guy, maybe you got a little bored and decided to graduate from porn to a little poll about hot chicks, yknow, earn some extra cash from the bandwidth and constant hits on your site, rack up your reputation while you're at it.. NO. Don't exploit or demean girls. And to any one reading this, please don't be flattered if you're on that poll, because seriously, his standards are really low. OR Singapore is just lacking in pretty girls.. (photoshopped or plastic-surgerized) Looking at a certain Miss Pasty White with her boobs hanging out (one of the profile pics) and more than ghostly half-smile... I could certainly die gagging. I'm SURE you can find better ways to flatter yourself. Maybe try a black bra, NOT floral, NOT beige, it just doesn't flatter your skin tone, honey! My friends reading this, you should really check out the site, the girls are like......... the kind that we could spend the whole afternoon girimacing at. www.hottestblogger.com
Knowing Kahsoon, if he knows about it he will of course delete the post to get rid of evidence ASAP. I goan gather all the necessary evidence before it is gone. This is the link to the post LINK Noticed it is gone now? Expected la! someone must have told him bout the post la LOL!

But fear not for i have a backup copy of it here!
The Plagiarised Photo!! Post with consent from Ms Nicole Hu

In another event where he were "Advised" by bottle on his Act of re-pinging PPS with his old entries just to gain additional traffic to his site (LINK HERE), this is what the self acclaimed problogger's replied :

At 6:07 PM, Hottest Blogger said...

This is because you are dumb, i was editing the page that is why it autopings...if u dont use wordpress please shut up dumb ass.
So bloggers who uses Wordpress to blog, do you have the same problem ar ? I mean over and over and over again and everytime you will blame it in Wordpress ? Can any Wordpress user kindly enlight us pulez ?

Din seems to be using Wordpress as well, and this is his reply :
At 12:18 PM, Din said...

F*** you Kahsoon you greedy bastard. I use wordpress too but i'm too smart to have an edited page autoping again.

and why edit a page done in july???

reta, let's run that petition. we need to stop this asshole's money flow.

This post speaks for itself, I rest my case. You all be the judge here ok ? :)

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Many thanks to Reallybites for the infos



  1. a petition..

    we should do a kimberly vs xx thing

  2. hey dude...

    well said.. haha

  3. for your information, he deleted that entry... haha

  4. no more liao lo.... "Error 404 - Not Found" la :<
    so what is Nicole's blog address??

  5. Reta : I agree!!! who make the button ??? we all put on our blog !!!

    Rabbit : haha I alredi expect him to delete that entry one la ... hes so predictable LOL! smart person is lidat wan! lol

    Lockee : I knot simply expose Nicole's Blog url ler ... wait i ask her permission 1st after she agree then only i put :P

  6. Post it up and I shall pay Nicole a visit.

  7. You gotta be kidding me, her blog was meant to be personal? As in, totally secret, restricted only for friends and family type?

  8. swifty : I also dunno why u wanna pay her a visit also but if u look carefully at her pic i think you can find her url la ...

  9. You are the man! Yes, you are! All hail to Uncle Wingz suk suk!

  10. OMFG Wingz you rock!

  11. wingz: stupid ppl like us will keep a backup as a proof.. haha

  12. Anonymous2:36 am

    wingz, i think she likes her privacy... maybe editing the picture not to show her link might be a good idea kua?

  13. Well, it's protected anyway. The chick's hardcore.

  14. jason : wuah jason dun carry me so high later jatuh manyak sakit lol

    anthraxxx : hey you are that fler in the chat room !!

    rabbit : hahaha we learnt from mistake huh ? lol

    hsin : yar i blurred her url liow so no more ppl goan kacau her blog :)

    swifty : haha i told u ledi mah "i also dunno why u wanna go to her blog" bcoz its protected!!! lol

  15. Yalah abuthen, I'm the one in the chatroom. With four x(s). Anyways I read your blog regularly, a silent reader most of the time :D

  16. *waves pom pom* Go Wingz, Go wingzzz!!!

  17. wah so that hottestblogger blog is by this kahsoon guy. i never even heard of him man, simi problogger?

    just another 'blogger' looking to earn money la.

  18. Everything is getting funnier. The blog war, just like a typical epic drama.

    Well, it's plagarism that Mr.Kahsoon put the girl's pic on his blog, but you're repeating the mistake! You're putting her pic on your blog!

    And his site is utter #$&*#^#. Good thing if he gets sued too. =p

  19. man that kahsoon is a real asshole... u say he flood pps he will apologise/give excuse (this has happened a few times)... u say he plagiarise he will flame u n remove ur comments...

    damn chickenshit...

    and is the hot malay chicks website flooding PPS recently from him as well?

  20. i don't like kahsoon. i hate people who ask me to link them. Especially when they blog crap.

    I mean com'n, hottestblogger.com? That is just SO low.

    But I'm not surprised that it is coming from him. Haha.

  21. Anonymous10:42 am

    Yalah that hotmalaygirls.com must be him. Layout, site descriptions, ads all the same. That fler is a pervert with too much time on his hands. How many of the Malay girls there know that their pictures are being flaunted like that?

  22. Doesn't he know what that... "internet laws"? Why was he making the mistake himself? ;-)
    Mr. Rojak, if you had to close your rojak stall because he sued you, no worries, you could open up a fried chicken wings(z) stall.

  23. just for the record, Buaya69 oso tarak link to hottestblogger and hotmalaygirls ler. must jaga standard, kakaka :D

  24. "I mean over and over and over again and everytime you will blame it in Wordpress ? Can any Wordpress user kindly enlight us pulez ?"
    I blamed it on my wordpress too! I accidentally mass ping PPS a few month ago. And the only difference with my mistake and KahnahSai's... I mean... kahsoon's mistake was...

    I wrote an official apology to PPS readers and to Dinz himself.

  25. Wingz

    This is so syiok!! lol KS bashing is damn addictive, man!! Dun Let it stop....

  26. I've suspected that kahsoon never obtained the girls' aproval before featuring them in hottestblogger.com.

    It's risky and somemore, It's very unprofessional to do that

  27. hmmm, good idea. methinks someone should go and tell all the girls *grins*

    *runs off to do just that*

    die to no-content-copy-paste-crap-blogger!!!~ rawr!!!~

    wheres the damn petition? i'm signing it for sure...

  28. hey give kah soon a break, he's a normal human being too..

  29. liz : haha you tarak do parody bout this event meh ? lol

    zhi yang : hey! nice to have you here, wuah u tok bout him lidat u dun sked the fler sue you har ? lol

    msliverpool : contrarry to your assumptions I did asked for Ms. Nicole Hu's approval prior to posting her picture in my blog so i guessed everyone hafta be wrong at some point huh ? :)

    wyejon : eh i dont think that malay chicks blog belongs to him ler

    jolene : hahaha ... u so femes everyone also wanna exchange link with you laaa

    hsin : eh later u dapat lawyer letter for false accusation ler sshh... lol

    zhu : good idea wor ... chickenwingz.blogspot.com lol

    buaya69 : taikor we got class mia olangs mah lol

    n305er : u r a nobleman mah ... others might not share your views on this :)

    helen : wuah ... you now kaki flamer ledi har ? lol sont stop pulak haha

    mypapit : that one i dunno ler as far as i know e never obtained any permission from Ms Nicole Hu only

    seth : hahaha dont lar .... later u also kena sue lol

    mypapit : yar live n let live ....

  30. brady pimp, how kena sama dia! hehehe, nut as expert as the laubehs kekekeke, cheers!

  31. If u kena sued, then me wont get my daily plate of rojak ledi, if i sapot u and sign petition, i get link, k, *winks* + *cepat-cepat go sign*

  32. what has a tiny brain,a big mouth,and opinion nobody cares about?-kah soon?


    i never have guess blogsphere is so interesting....this is hard to the core action,man!

  33. So many people boigot him...
    he done a terrible mistake
    --->too greddy lol

  34. I use movabletype and it pings PPS whenever i try to close the comments in my old posts. I tried removing the PPS code from the entry box but it still pings PPS.

    I have to remove the bloody line from the main menu.

    But then, PPS has banned my website for pinging too much. LOL

  35. sapot KS bashing la.

    gua mia blog the sidebar sana got anti kahsoon button, to take a look hor!

  36. JoeC : eh dun tok lidat ... must be humble man! must be humble

    Samm : eh ... that petitionis about tualnED with him bcoz of his flood ping and CnP ler ... not to stop him from suing me lol

    sotongking : HAHAHAHA diuu u beat me to the answer ledi !!!

    yhtan : wuah u use the word boigot, u no sked kena sue ar ?

    xes : sorry to learn that, maybe you can msg PPS for an appeal

    butty : wuahh ... u r no.1 kahsoon fansee la ... u got button on your blog lol

  37. Since HottestBlogger published, there are few girls mentioned there shut down their blog/website!!! What have you done Kah Soon?? You want to shut down other blogger?????

    Kahsoon again did not ask permission from the person featured in his lame blog HottestBlogger, just ask
    Arissa Luna herself http://www.arissaluna.moonfruit.com. She call Kahsoon "dried piece of shit"

    He even put a "disclaimer" on his website, that he couldnt be sued because he put a "thumbnail size" picture.

    He really got a big fat thumbnail lor!!

  38. i suspect kahsoon is king kong, he must have really big thumbs to be posting such HUGE thumbnails

  39. Does anyone has a screenshot of his previous post, titled "No More Pictures", where he stated that he's gonna stop publishing on hottestblogger? and asked us to give him a break? If so, please send it to me.

    Man, that guy should give himself a break man. Instead, he wrote a crappy disclaimer and put all those photos back, and he call those thumbnails? LMAO. I think my balls are bigger than his, even when thumbnailed!


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