7 November 2005

iNsPekTer Chee - Chee Cheong Kai

K.Lumpur - Monday 10am polis receive a call from a concerned neighbour in Jln. Alor, resident heard gun shots coming from no.2 Jln. Alor 14/1. Isp Chee & his assistant Maulei were dispatched to investigate the case.

Upon arrival Isp Chee told Maulei "you go and get statement from everyone, I'll look around the area"

Isp Chee walks around for almost an hour looking for evidences around the house, he then go into the house to look for Maulei.

Isp Chee : Gimme full report

Maulei : Sir there is only 3 person in this house and 2 of them are dead. The fler whois still alive is a one armed tycoon Mr.Chun Toy in his 60s, those found dead were Mrs Chun toy whois in her 30s and a pool boi Anthony in his 20s. According to Mr. Chun toy, Anthony the pool boi will come every monday to clean the pool but today he came with a gun to rob them. Mr Chun refused to give in and Anthony shot Mrs.Chun then Mr.Chun struggled with Anthony and somehow the gun misfired and Anthony killed himself, Anthony is still holding the gun in his hand. Thats all i got boss.

Isp Chee : Wheres Mr Chun ? I wanna tok to him.

Maulei : In his room upstairs

*Isp Chee walks up stairs to look for Mr Chun*

Isp Chee : Mr Chun I want to ask you a few question

Mr Chun : ok

Isp Chee : I noticed there is a Volvo in your garage, is that your car ?

Mr Chun : Thats my wife's car, shes driving it I cant drive bcoz I only got 1 arm.

Isp Chee : Do you know when did your wife last use the car ?

Mr Chun : Shes one lazy bitch! she havent been driving for the past 2 months. Whenever she wanna go out she will call a cab.

Isp Chee : I see ..... Mr Chun did you happen to been to the garage today ?

Mr Chun : No I havent been to the garage today, Anthony wake us up when we are still on our bed!

Isp Chee : Mr. Chun I think you are lying and I think you are the one who killed both Anthony and your own wife.

Mr Chun : How could you humiliate me lidat!!! I will sue you !!! I am the victim here!!! My wife are killed by Anthony!!!

Maulei : Sir, you sure you know what you are doing ? we could lose our job if you are wrong you know ?

Isp Chee : Im sure now goan lock up Mr Chun and bring his to balai

Maulei : Yes sir! if you say so .......

Isp Chee : Oh on your way out pls stop by the garage and bring me the bonnet fo the Volvo, that is one piece of important evident ok ? becareful when handling it, make sure you dont skru up my evidence.

Maulei : The Bonnet ???!!!! ok sir roger that.

*Maulei stuffed Mr Chun into the polis car and then walks into the garage to take out the bonnet of the Volvo and when he saw the bonnet he finally understood why Isp Chee thinks Mr Chun is actually the guilty murderer*

Take a look yourself and see you can find the clue anot. hehe .....

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P.S. : If you still dont get it then leave a question in the komen lo .....


  1. I wanna be Anthony ! :D

  2. why bryan? you like to get shot ah?

    the bonnet where got anything? but this volvo from america i think because left hand drive one.

  3. i dun un... understand.

  4. I don't want to be Anthony. He one stupid fella ... I am more pandai, I quick quick screw her wife then cabut ... kakaka

  5. Stupig felo, DO inside the car ma no evedence lo...

  6. Inspektor Chee obviously watch too much CSI. OK, so 2 sets of palmprints on the Volvo bonnet. Proofed what? Pool boi cannot be holding pistol? Problem is, how to proof those palmprints were made the very day? Pool boi comes every week what? Those prints could be from the last encounter.

    But never mind lar. Since when our Malaysian police need evidence to make an arrest one? SImply hentam in lockup 72 hours sure get confession.

  7. bryan : Anthony is indian wor .. u cina ahpek knot!

    akpeh : bonnet got peta lerrr lol

    j!mmy : which part u n understand wor ?

    inevitable : mch 30s also u ngam ka!!! eewwww!!!

    god : i find pikchure only text it, text n create pikchure wuah mch requires lotsa editing power sial lol

    lockee : inside car manyak sempit ler ... knot try lotsa style lol

    Helen : eh when u read rojaks hor dun use too much brain power la ... jokes in rojaks are very light hearted one no nid crack brain one ler lol

  8. That bonnet can't proof that Mr Chun killed both Mrs Chun and Anthony. Because the size of that middle "peta" sure ain't Chun at all...

  9. Aiyar, Indian ah? Then cannot liao. Nvm, I will do it before Anthony then cabut. Kakak...

  10. nice impression :D

  11. buahaha.... great photo! Simple yet mind boggling!

  12. Wah..i wanna be anthony,
    anyway his wife is only 30++
    give me i also want lol

  13. n305er : eleh u watching too much CSI ledi lol

    bryan : ish monk knot tok bout sex wan u no ? berdosa! lol

    belacan : taiko i think if you do lagi sexy sial

    mahaguru : mind boggling ??? u very the hamsup ler lol

    yhtan : U lagi hamsup!!!

  14. LMAO.. nice 1..

  15. Sorry, sorry... Amitabha... :D

  16. Anonymous3:10 pm

    ROFLMAO. I think those prints are recent because it's pretty clear. Since the pool boi lai visit every week, it should be dusty ma.

    I see the prints are pretty new.

    LOL! Nice body prints.


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