28 November 2005

A Lonely Girl Need a Place to Stay in KL/PJ, Anyone with Vacant Room ???

Yea you read me right! A LONELY girl need a place to stay in KL/PJ, She can and willing to pay her rent in "KIND/SERVICES" So, if you got extra unused/vacant room just imagine the kinda service you will be enjoying~~~ *Drools*

For more info pls click on the below pic or click on this LINK

Too bad i dont have vacant room .... if not .... *slurpsssss* .... jiak beh liow MAN!!!!! WUAHAAHAHAHA .... any takers from Laubeh Inc members anot ??? damn waste man!!! lol



  1. wah liu eh... what kind of new life she expecting lah?

  2. Becareful all you hamsap KKC out there!!

    When she said 21 yrs old, did she mean 21 yrs old 21 yrs ago or what???

  3. yeah...call me instead...
    i will give you a new life here

  4. rent one room for her lah. then you can become her "guai gung" 10% of her taking everyday and you become a rich man.

  5. let's see the face and body first before further negotiations... LauBeh Inc may hire her for her "services"!

  6. Wah, these days still got free lunch meh?

  7. yo rojak
    check out this link first.


    my friend did a search based on her email address and seems like the name, the age & the hometown location is the same fella woh...

    you can thank me(and my fren) later nia.

  8. like the old chinese say.. no such big mother goose walking down the street. sorry, me no take free loaders, free service or otherwise.

    Advise to girl, look up on YMCA or MCA for help ler.


  9. Actually, I also got the email leh...

  10. mossie : lol u interested to find out meh ? lol

    samm : aiyo of coz bluff lar !!! but is the email bluff u all not me bluff lol

    helen : eh 42 only mah ... ngam for ahpek lol

    kennylee : u mean u asking to give u a call har ? ok ok gimme ur tel no lol

    ahpek : sell yum ka ? that one jit toh wan ler later

    egghead : wuah u want sample or refrences ?

    willwolf : oi brader lu mana pigi ledi ? long time tarak jumpa amacam ?

    lmf : wuah u open private eye agency one ar ?

    joec : YMCA ? that place lagi manyak buaya la ... YWCA la

    n305er : u mean u got jalan with this girl also ar ? lol

  11. if tru woh! becareful lor...
    may be she got S.T.D wants to revange to all the buaya and hamsap ppl 1


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