13 November 2005

Back-Side-Boys 1st Mini Concert!!!

Yep, you got it right! they finally made it big! below is the Video of their 1st appearance in Guangchow dunno what what show on the 1st Oct 2005(Sorry I cant freaking read chinese for nuts)

And i finally found out who this 2 guys is they are the "BACK-DORM-BOYS(hou she nan sheng)" and according to what they mentioned in the beginning of this video they seems to be from Guangchow Art Institute. They even seems to have their own fan club now, KUDOS!

The Bigger Guy, his name is Wei Wei, height 189 cm or 6'2"
The Smaller Guy pulak his name is Huang Yi Xin, height 173 cm or 5'8"

For better playback experiences, viewers are advice to imediately paused the player right after they load it, wait for player to complete the downlading and play it again. AND pls do not load 3 videos at a time ok? load it one by one, it will be faster that way :)

I also found out that they just released 4 new singles entitled "FAIRYTALE" & "RADIO IN MY HEAD" - Both are Chinese song btw AND Get Down (You Are The One For Me) "and" the last video is a promotional video they performed live at a radio station. (noticed the flashes from the cameras ? They start off lip-synching "Larger Than Life" by the Backstreet Boys. Nevertheless still freaking funny lol!

Via tian's blog

Link to Back Side Boys Fan Site : LINK


  1. I saw the video clip quite some time ago

  2. In the eyes of businessmen, popularity on the Internet because of stupidity actions always has its marketing value.

  3. seesee, what did I say earlier? in my post of ya first video of them?..... CONCERT! C-O-N-C-E-R-T, hump! rojakz a meanie, meaniemeaniemeanie!

  4. totally hilarious...

  5. icantreadchinese : yea they are TEH PWN!

    Kahsoon : good for you ... soli la i m a bit slow lol

    bryan : bad publicity is still publicity :)

    joec : u got say mehhhh ??? wait i goan delete that komen then u no more prove!! wuahahahahahaha!!!

    king's Wife : yes your majesty i totally agree with you lol


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