17 November 2005

Plagiarism - Ethical and Legal Side of the Story

Note : This post have got nothing to do with the dispute between me and Kahsoon, this post is about ethical and legal issues arises in one of the entry in n305er's blog, and this is my 2 cents.

Below is a comment by one of the reader, explaining about the legal side of Plagiarism :

leslie Says:
November 17th, 2005 at 3:20 pm

Chewxy: XXXXX does provide links to the models sites thus attributing them. Whether he has permision or not is not the issue here, it’s whether he has violate any copyrights by putting the pictures.

*in another comment by the same person within the same entry, this were also mentioned*

note: “by way of fair dealing for purposes of non profit research, private study, criticism, review or the reporting of current events, subject to the condition that if such use is public, it is accompanied by an acknowledgement of the title of the work and its authorship” - Current Exemptions under the Copyright Act 1987 (Malaysia)

The Story

I was in Petaling Street today accompany-ing Gary, a frend who came all the way from Canada to visits me. We walk pass lotsa stall selling handbags and leather goods and being a married man obviously he would like to buy something for his wife before he leave KL. I took him to stall operate by Limkia, a childhood frend of mine.

Petaling Street a.k.a. Chee Cheong Kai

In the stall :

Gary : Mr. Lim, how much is this handbag ? *Gary pointing at one of the many LV handbag*

Limkia : You my brader's frend I give you cheap cheap! this one errr ..... RM50 la!

Gary : Holy shit! that bloody cheap!!

Me : What do you think ? Its not real you idiot! its imitation!

Gary : It looks real enuff to me, I doubt my wife could tell the different. It even come with the tag and nice packaging!

Limkia : Yarr, my handbag all grade A! same quality as the real one! this price i give you very cheap alredi, becoz you my brader bring here I cheap cheap give lu

Me : Well if you think its a good buy then go ahead, its your money.

Gary : Hmm ... what if I am caught by the custom when I am entering Canada and they know this is imitation handbag ? Would I be in trouble ?

Limkia : Aiyaaa no lar no lar!!! we all new generation businessman got read BLOG wan! We can COPY exactly the same as the original as long as we put LINK to credit the original DESIGNER then ok liow! NEH!! you see the bottom there got the LINK to Louis Vuitton Handbag company anot ? We embossed the link www.louisvuitton.com there laaa!!! Got put this LINK then no sked custom liow! it is LEGAL ledi. If they really ask you about it, then you tell the custom this is a PARODY not imitation then ok liow.This is call Fair Use mah! My blogger frend told me wan. Dont worry! in US got one case dunno wat wat vs wat wat also settle same way like this also la, dont worry lar! How many you want ? 3 izzit ?

Imitation LV handbag with Link to the original one

Me & Gary :

WUAHHH little do I know the LINK bek to original author/designer so powderfool wan sial! lidis I think Uncle Ho production very soon will have LINK on their VCDs & DVDs back to the original producer website then their copy considered legal liow la! Microsoft mia Window XP also can do the same you know ? At the bottom of the pirated softward CD there write this [this software originated from MICROSOFT at http://msn.com] Even tho movies knot consider as PARODY but can consider as compiling a LIBRARY or preserving a form of ART from being total extinction if got natural disaster mah ngam anot ? Pound onnit yourself ler ... Im no judge :D



  1. I know who u talking about...
    haha...quite tricky hooo
    but is worth it lol

  2. haahahha

    weoi pls use only thumbnails!

  3. bwahahhahah too funnY ;p

  4. yhtan : seriously ... this post is just a joke just like my others regular post ... im not wacking anybody ler, got tired of warring just want peace now :)

    KY : thumbnail knot see the link wor!!! how ?

    suan : funny leh .. seems like u r the only few who understand this is a joke sial ...

  5. You memang the sifu! Like that also you can find. No wonder problogger also sked of you lah. LoL...

    Wei, can I copy all your words in this entry into my blog then put a link back to you ah? Not illegal, right?

  6. U kasi itu links, I go read until kepala sakit. But hahahaha, now understand liao.

  7. bryan : wuah dun say lidat brader ... peace!! peace !! not war !! this is a joke oni ler not to offend anybody one geh

    5xmom : haha but u still know this is a joke mahhh i think the momentum of the war still exist la ... no wonder ppl think i still wacking other ppl sial!

  8. wahh bag also got web address one. lol...big big some more.

  9. nabeh! like that oso can?! wingz brader, i open another rojak stall and copy all your posts and sed all the posts are originated from rojak wingz. can or not ah?

  10. LOL... good point.

    BTW, if you ever know my husband har, pls remember to take him to KLCC to buy LV for me, OK?

  11. tsk tsk, so many ppl can comment, i can hang up my LLB (Hons) liao. :P

    LLB = Look Like Busy

  12. Surfnux : brader it the LINK la lol

    Alex : can can but u must mention u using for parody only ok ? must put disclaimer also lol

    n305er : haha this one will be our insider joke "I SUE U!!!" eh i heard u mau quit blogging izzit ?

    helen : if i happen to meet your hubby i wont bring him go KLCC liow .... i bring him straight go "SPA" for "MASSAGE" kih kih kih ...

    buaya : u my loyar leh ... where can hang u so easy lol

  13. eeeyerrr... tat link on the bag is soooooo ugly!

  14. LoLs, that's funny too..wakakkaka..good way to tease both parties..good job!

  15. wahlau.. this kahsoon guy is suing everybody huh? easy money nowadays...

  16. Haha damn funny post but happening in KL

    one day wife will ask husband embrose her link onto husband gugu

  17. do u call a blue cat .... a purple cat?

  18. rofl.lmao

    Very constructive indeed. Too bad I not in college liao. Else i can ask my lecturer. See what she says about fair use and those legal terms.

    Funny sial. Summore ur friend limkia damn informative. Kwai Low also can kao dim.

    Eh.. i like this joke. I CnP and then link back to u can ah? Or i take snapshot and refer back to u? Apa cakap?

  19. lynnee : eh if dont link then consider illegal ler ...

    msliverpool : tenkiu tenkiu !!!

    princessren : ah ? who else kena sue ar ??

    desmond : tattoo kkc ??? wuah mch cheesin ar ??

    joeC : DengXiaoPeng once said ... dont care white cat or black cat, can catch mouse is good cat!

    frostier : CnP larrr as long as u adhere to Fair Use policy can liow kakakakaka

  20. heheeeeee, smart way of putting things. :P U can deny but u cant hide :D

  21. callmejt : dont ler accuse me lidat! later lilian put me in thunderdome how ??? wuahahaha

  22. Oi, Rojakz, you wanna go thunderdome to fight who? Only people pinging to PPS qualify wor.

  23. Proton...
    (via http://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.jp/)

    This one is OK too?

  24. 5xmom : I sked later laubeh geng send me a rep to fight with tigress geng lol ... die die ....

    Zhu : wuah ... that one i dun dare to komen ler ... kena ISA nanti ... u kena refer to the expert for that one lol goan find itu leslie he said no problem wan lol

  25. You lah, didn't put disclaimer on that! Didn't tell me what cannot say!

    If I get into trouble because of commenting on your blog, I WILL SUE YOU!

  26. zhu : no!! you knot sue me I got put link !!!!

  27. it will be the latest fashion trend, to have URL link on prada and gu-ci-ci bags.

    ok... leave all these behind lar and go back to your stupid jokes. i want more mindless post

  28. oh...like tat way then can CnP liao...oh
    understand liao..tankiu for the tip brather!


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