22 November 2005

Wallet Bleeding .......

New Side Mirror, unpainted RM190.
Installation Charges, RM50.

number of days required 3, Knock back and spray paint RM700,

Get to experience Malaysia's Public Transport all over again : Priceless

You think if i ask Petertan to shave his pubic hair will you donate to my car repair fund anot ???


  1. wah, my estimate not bad lor, hehehe, said earlier on door panel repair to be RM700, ka-ching!

    should say.... got ra-bar by public transport....


  2. tell you wat, sell that lorry number to the bloggers RM100 per pax, a few people buy you can make back oredi...

  3. hahahahaa!! after you kena sue by peter tan. better you shave, post picture here as proof, then i donate 50 sen.

  4. your honda city kena? kesian.

    by the way, ur wallet bleeding, my master's wallet became empty (my major service costed rm 600++.)


  5. JoeC : u gonna donate to my car repair fund anot ???

    simon : ya hor good idea!!! come come who wanna buy the lorry plate number ??? RM100 per pax mali mali!!! mura mura!!!

    ahpek : I donate lu 60sen la u shave n show me!

    reta : u gonna donate anot laaa :P

    jfe 8555 : my car lagi siong ... RM1k ahhh!!!!!! *sniff sniff*

    bryan : later petertan whack kaw u then u know lol

  6. The injury of your car is external only, right? Next time if u want to change car dun get all those nice nice cars lar... get a mini lorry!! Mini lorry power sure cukup one... can run like hell lar (without load) and also kena hentam also not siong. Furthermore next time if u decide to contribute to the dwindling CHinese population, no need to worry about passenger space... all put dekat back of lorry.

    Joking only lar... look on the bright side. If u take public transport every morning, sure got alot of things to blog one!! LOL Pics summore...

  7. u sure peter got pubic ah...
    double confirm first. If dun haf how to shave. Wingz, u go shave urs la.. I sure donate 1.

  8. 1000+++ lol
    thats a lot man....
    nvm lah..keep on sell rojaks will help u untung balik

  9. can u claim insurance?

  10. car fund i tarak uang lar. but bah kut teh fund, now tat's another matter. time for a laubeh meeting :P

  11. whereabouts you go by public transportation? i used to take a train to subang's ktm then a bus back home to midvalley before legging the rest of the journey home.

    it was shit, i tell you. but what to do, my car was also in workshop.

    good luck hor. don't dehydrate. rotfl.

  12. Looks like we need to set up a Rojak Transportation Fund(RTF)?!

  13. Car fund ah? I dun hab lah.. but er.. a comforting cup of teh ais I can afford, you want not?

  14. give you new 4D number lar.
    1597 lar for all the number price that you show to us.......

    and 1 mor thing ask some bodi to shave the pubic hair for you?
    why dont you shave yours ?
    hua ha ha ha ha ha

  15. how both PT dancing and shaving pubic hair at the same time? maybe someone will donate?

  16. malaysia public transport is priceless wan meh?

    last time i took it, still had to pay some tambang to ride on it.

  17. helen : i tell u this funny story ... in the morning if u take pubic transport u will get lotsa nice smells wan ... in the afternoon .. phuahhh .... can die of suffucation sial!

    frostier : how u know peterjai dont have pubic ??? u seen b4 anot ? lol

    yhtan : yhtan : yala dem sing lar diu .... u gonna donate anot ?

    wuching : knot sir, we got a fucked up trehpik system la

    buaya : we i resell my portion of BKT and get cash instead ar ? lol

    butty : pubic transport in msia sucks!!!

    zhu: yes yes !!! setup RTF!!! we ask jacky cheung and andy lau come to make charity concert ok anot ?

    yeepei : eh u gimme RM1.50 cash better la haha ... but after 1.50 i still 900+ short :(

    pisang : if that number no kan out then u refund me double ar ?? ... eiyer pisang u guy or ger ar ? why u wanna see me shave my pubic wan ? *scary*

    botol : see!!! i told u .. u memang kinky bangla hahahaha

    lynnee : the experience n the smell is priceless mah

  18. Don't want.. nmind lor.. *hurt* hrmph


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