11 November 2005

What is the Fastest Thing on Earth ?

I wanna share with you guys a secret i get to know last week. Last week we have a small laubeh.inc gathering, there is only the 4 of us - which is Buaya69, Wolfy, Ahpek and me.

Half way thru yum sing session suddenly this Wolfy tell me this

Wolfy :Eh Wingz do you know that the 3 of us known each other for so long ledi
Me : No wonder you all chatting like old frend lidat la .... chat till i also paiseh to kacau. You guys from the same skool or what ?
Buaya : No la actualee we met at a job interbiu.
Me : WOW ... who interbiu who ?
Ahpek : We were the job applicants who kena interbiu by the boss of the kompeni laa
Me : oh ... so in the end who got the job ?
Wolfy : I did!
Ahpek : Yar you cheated!
Buaya : AGREED!! Wolfy cheated!! thats why he got the job sial!
Wolfy : Eh eh ... i m not a cheater ok? i m just smarter thats why i got the job laaa
Me : Wadafarkkk!!! oi i blur la mch tell me the story la
Wolfy : Lemme tell you la ... nanti if theose fler tell you sure they change the story one haha
Me : Ok ok faster tell!!! mch if not i spit onto your beer!

Wolfy : Many years ago, the 3 of us were the finalist of a job interbiu in a fehmes company la. One day itu boss skali call 3 of us to masuk his bilek thats when we met each aders.

Then itu boss told us that he will only hire one of us and the other 2 will hafta "eat yourself" he will also ask us one question the same question for all the 3 of us and expect us to give our answer on the spot.

Boss : Ok my question is "What is the fastest thing on earth?" you are expected to tell me your answer and also explains why you think so ok ?

Boss : Mr Buaya69, tell me your answer.

*Buaya69 that time manyak steady n cool then he answer

Buaya69 : A "thought"! It just pops into your head. There is no warning that it's on the way, you cant even see its kambing; it's just there. A thought is the fastest thing on earth
Boss : Very good wor ... smart guy eh lu ? not bad not bad .... Next will be Mr.Ahpek

*Ahpek abit gelaba liow*

Ahpek : Me ah sir ? ... ok ok ... my answer is "light switch" bcoz you see, bek in PeeDee my fader got a chicken farm, this chicken farm hor is about 150 meter from my house and last time PeeDee still no elektrik wan mah right ? so me and my fader pull a very long wire from my houz to the chicken coop there and we installed some light bulbs on the chicken coop so that if got musang come steal our chicken we can whack the fler.

Then one day musang leehly came sial! my fader run fast fast to the farm and he shout to me asking me to switch on the lights, I fast fast goan flip the light switch la. Once i flip the light switch i terus can see lights at the chicken farm there ledi. That time my fader still not yet arrive hes still running. So u say the light switch fast anot leh ?

Boss : Wuah Ahpek i love your setori very much la ... nx time i m sure you can be a very good setori teller wan hehe .... ok Mr. Wolfy you are next, gimme your answer.

Wolfy : I think both Mr.Ahpek and Mr. Buaya69 is wrong la .... the correct answer should be cirit birit (diarrhea)
Boss : why cirit birit ? whats the relation to speed ?
Wolfy : Is lidis wan ler Boss, that day hor i sit sit watch TV then sardenlee kena cirit birit, perut very the sakit. Then i fast fast run to toilet but hor before I could think or switch on the light to the toilet i alredi shitted in my pants. So I think cirit birit is faster than a thought and a light switch lor.

Wolfy : Thats how i got the job :P

After he finish the story all 3 of us spitTED into his beer *krraaAAKKKK PUUUIIIIIII!!!!!*


  1. Hahahaaaa....
    That's piss n your pants FUNNY!

  2. p.s.
    U sure that's not U in that photo?

  3. Somehow, its quite true also.


  4. "Lau Sai" maybe is the fastest thing lol...
    but the boss also want to hire him.....aiz...untung lol

  5. oi, bradder, my father where got rear chicken in the farm? all beautiful pheonix imported from hap chai only mah. last time you came, i got present you one what. you forgot already meh?

  6. Wingz, why u did not blog about the phoenix Ah Pek gave u??

  7. ya lor, tat's how we met lor. now good fren with ahpek liao. can go to his chicken/phoenix farm and papaya farm, very de bestest! :D

  8. kakakak,
    rojakz memang terror!

  9. Pang sai!!! (sounds like Banzai)


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