29 November 2005

of PMS and My New Ride

MCH! both my houz n my opis mia StimX also FarkupED! Now i blogging using DiGi EDGE which is bloody S L O W W W! ! ! !

Today my Period kam .... PMS, no mood to blog, I just post the pic of my new ride (dashboard only). Why i posting the pics ? I dun farking know! I just thot the pic is very nice haha ... soli ok I PMS now!!!


Center Console

I know this post is crap, yall can start weck me now .... :P

Update : photos added

Driver's control console

Central gear stick and storage

Arm Rest

Rear Seat


  1. mch wtf wtf wtf.. got new ridde dun ajak.

  2. get your FC la nub

  3. Which Honda model is this btw?

  4. Wingz,

    You really strike 4D with the number you get from the accident!!??!?

  5. Rojaks crew get to test drive it right?

  6. Got new car also bitching about PMS problem ar??? Pity us every month also PMS but peanuts also tadak!!!!

  7. Honda Accord. Did you get the 2.0 or 2.4 ?

  8. You terror lah, car got scratch a bit only, so fast get a new one!

  9. wah! selling lojaks pun boleh pakai honda akod oh! saya pun mau!

  10. i think he take that pictures at shopping kompelex or honda show room then you ask change the color lower the spring, put spoiler then ask a preety chicks about turn to mr. singh! ha ha ha ha

  11. eh, lu mia city still at wackshop, now u get a new one ah? mahai, you rich bro, you rich.

  12. i weck you hard hard for showing off lidis.

  13. Aiyah, you ha...TV rosak, go shop buy new one. Kreta rosak, buy new one. Aiyooo, lucky my husband not like that. Rosak, repair and continue using.

  14. frost : ajak pigik mana ?

    KY : FC knot afford laaa too expensive

    clf : HonTa Accord

    wu : yar la I hantam RM0.50 big RM0.50 small ... kena 1st prize sial!!!

    butty : HonTa Ehkod

    wh? : can can

    helen : Kreta Pinjam ler nanti kena bagi balik

    Paul : 2.4

    bryan : haha ... bukan I mia la ... pinjam only while waiting for my car lol

    wuching : dun pray pray ppl sell air mata kucing also can drive merz

    pisang : no la I take pic kat my houz la

    alex : kreta sewa lol ... cheap cheap oni

    ahpek : kreta sewa also consider show off meh ....

    5xmom : tarak bili laaa ... kreta pinjam only

  15. fuiyoh.. ajak jalan jalan ler. apa lagi
    wei... u sell rojaks so rich, can sell me ur franchise ah? (meaning copy and paste all ur post?)

    i pakai fair use style lor

  16. wahhhh, big time liao, drive honda accord, yo unkle, funky ride

  17. Wei, lain kali mau tangkap gambar, itu tuala biru kasi simpan dulu lah! :D

  18. Anonymous5:12 pm

    ........... when car warming session? i present u a type R sticker. kehkehkeh

  19. wah, itu kete manyak lawa lor. =P

    Bila mau kasi pinjam? hehehehe....

  20. wah...honla akod....


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