15 November 2005

Kahsoon Threatening to Sue Me!!! HELP !!!!!

After I made this post, I got this email from Chow Kah Soon

Click on the above pic for larger image

He is asking me to do a Naked picture of him THEN he will sue me in court! WTF!!! just because hes earning USD100 bucks a day thru CnP he thinks he now got the money to start suing peeples alredi !!!

Looks like Malaysia's Problogger is lidis one huh ? he can tok bout other people but other people knot tok bout him ... die la die la ... if he sue me then how ???

Then nevermind after that he asked ppl to do a naked pic of him buden at the same time threatening to sue you WTF ??!!! what kinda Internet Law got say lidat ???? Any lawyer here can clarify ar ? I m not good in law la since I m not a Malaysian Problogger !!!! Can I sue him back for threatening me ?

The best part is Do you think in this entire world only got one fler call kahsoon only ar ? Sigh* sad isnt it ? I m so poor I will not have money to employ lawyer to fight my case ler ... how ar now ??? Should I beg for his forgiveness ar ?

Wuah someone asked me to read this 2 entries, in the below links got evidences and stories of how this so called Problogger from Malaysia plagiarise pics from Rabbit's Writing and then scold her stupid .... wuah i didnt know u will get that kinda privilage once u turned Problogger la ...

Dont take my word for it, read for your self

kahsoon said...

This is because you are stupid, you took the picture from ebaumsworld and even they put the watermark but they plagiarised from http://www.unf-unf.de/show921.html

Honestly, dumb people like u guys are different from me because you guys are not educated and stupid. I put the watermark of kahsoon.com on the original pictures because i want to prevent bandwidth stealing.

Ugh sometimes i find it stupid because need to explain such simple things to dumb ppl like u. A waste of time.
November 14, 2005 9:07 PM

Rabbit's Writing - Plagiarism?
Rabbit's Writing - Personal Growth

You all next time kena copied by Problogger pls dont go and tell them off ok ? if not u will kena scold wan and if unlucky will kena sue like me !!! be afraid !!! be very afraid !!!!!

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UPDATE : You know what ??!!! that fler removed his dawn yang naked pic post!!! OMFG!!! he chickened out!!! lucky i still got proves of him publishing the post. Goto this LINK to see how he link himself with the Title "Dawn Yang Naked Pictures » Addicting Games Funny Junk Gag Video Clip - Kahsoon.com"
What is his motive when he removed his own post of "Dawn Yang naked pic" ? that one u depict yourself la lol .... u know i know enuff la lol!

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  1. lmao
    for some reason im laughing my ass off
    this is too funny for words
    even better than the current 'blogwar'

  2. i knowwwwwwwwwwww ohmigawd this is too funny pea-brain nonsense.

    can someone pls start a petition against him or something lol wanna be the first to sign


  3. kahsoon, sue sue sue! wat r you waiting for? sue lar! :P

  4. suanie : you dare to luff ??? later someone ask his lawyer to sue you then you know!!!

    Cyber-red : wuahh you not afraid to get lawyer letter ka ? I sked ler!!!

    buaya : NOOOO!!!!! i very sked !!! pls dont sue me!!!!!

  5. Can sue ah? I wanna sue Viewtru!!!!! Give me lawyer contact oso, please.

  6. Aiyah, you're a Laubeh la. Why play with these children? Make yourself feel young izzit?

    Then I should sue 9 u for not updating your contribution in Laubeh Inc liao. Muahaha.

    BTW, let him try lor. Maybe we'll learn something out of it

  7. LMAO!

    What is Internet Law? Is it like LA LAW?

  8. 5xmom : wuah u also wanna sue ka ? die lar die laaa pls dont sue me !!!!

    willwolf : taikor not me larrr he wanna sue me!!! i victim here!!! help me !!! donate me money to employ lawyer!!! pulezzz!!!!

    wu : Internet Law you know! very the powderfool wan ... i also very sked!!!

  9. Haha uncle sayapz, ask 8 leong gam be your lawyer, he has big mouth, sure win 1! :D:D

  10. tell him to sue the author of http://ka-soons.blogspot.com/


    you finally get what you deserve, you have been blogging non-sense sometimes and make fun of people! yesh.............

  12. aiyah..i should've become a lawyer then i make lotta mahney from bloggers sueing each other's asses off, time like these i regret not going to school b4! looks like u have to sell more lojaks to pay for ur lawsuit now lah wingz, i can help serve customers lah, u don't hv to pay me, its my contribution to ur fighting funds!

  13. Just like Wuching said, I will help you serve the rojaks also... Fast fast go do sales now...

  14. Well, tat mr so n so can shaft his blog so-so ego up his ka-hole, i visited tat rat of a place, like xx, got many ppl visit, so its a ego thing la.

    Some ppl cannot handle fame, have to abuse it.... juz remember, you maybe popular, you may have followers..... but you can actually die and there is a GOD watching!

    you r juz an ant in an ant hill, so, chill out b4 your head explode in self pride!

    PEACE suxer, nuff said!

  15. LOL ceh, let him sue lar.... if like that also can win, he is just opening a can of worms. He is supposedly worth something and sure hope this motivates those he conveniently get his material from, to go after him. This one got meat...lol

  16. Times bad , property down lawyer oso no business, they be more than happy. By the way who is the owner of this blog 'HOT Malay Girls ?

  17. eh, does that mean we kenot tell you off also? You also probloger wat right???? :D

  18. Mr. Rojak, Don't waste your time lah, he is just a kid out there thinking he knows a lot.

  19. BTW, if he DOES issue a suit letter, call me. I want to write news story. :P :P :P

  20. Cialak la ... Kah Soon very keng now .. sue here sue there ... I also want to sue someone la ...

  21. dun worry. I've set up a COunter Kahsoon fund for wingz. COme come to my site to donate. Gua mau trapik

  22. ng : 8 leung gum very expensive ler .. i knot afford :(

    butty : aiks this case tarak anything to do with ka-soons la

    msliverpool : hehe tenkiu la .. when u wanna lemme make fun of u huh ?

    wuching : aiyah i thot u lawyer lar then u can save my ass from Kahsoon liow

    wong : ok i got 2 free waiter liow lol

    JoeC : wuah u very deep ler today !!! sked me also lol

    helen : hahaha ya la i also wanna see whether his mouth bigger than his brain anot lol!

    desmond : wah lau eh ppl toking bout kena sue by kahsoon u pulak asking who is hot malay girls ... hmm .. u mean they are related ???

    eyeris : I problogge but i making puny little USD0.44 a day hes making USD100 a day ... how to fight with him lidat ??? he got all the money to employ lawyer mah!

    zhu : no ler i dunwan waste time, he is the one that wanna sue me ler not me sue him lol

    eyeris : ok set i give lu exclusive la ... but u must take my pic hansem hansem wan ... deal anot ? lol

    inevitable : you wanna sue who la ?? maybe u can share the cst with kahsoon lol

    frostier : your the man !!!! donate to me pulez!!!!

  23. You can start anytime to be honest =) if you havent know, your blog is so corrupted, but yea, it's your blog...can't stop u from doing anything you like =)

  24. msliverpool : thanks for being so honest, i appreciate honest comments/remarks as for the corrupted blog, well for that i gotta say one man's meat is anoder man's poison. I rest my case :)

  25. Wah! Why you go step on auntie mya kaizhai mya look-yeh? Your gallbladder too much hair izzit?

  26. Wah...kesian u dude.
    Anyway,i can't see that pic?
    can send it to me lol....

  27. somebody really needs to go up to that basket kahsson and bitch slap his face.

    i want to bitch slap that basket's face.

    anyone else wants to join me?


    think about our kid's future. do we want another 100 kahsoons spamming PPS?

  28. so... do it. Show us the neked pic!!! then got sue liao oso 'eye closed' la, got so many ppl sapot u!!

    show it show it!!!!!!

  29. sifu : diu lo .. later aunty whack kaw me lar u say lidis lol

    yhtan : eiyer u wanna see his nekked pic ??? eewwww u so ghey larr!!!

    Din : cpunt me in lar bro! we slap together gether ! u make one button la we post kat our blog anti the fler lol

    Lockee : u also turning ghey ledi ar ?? -_-""

  30. There is an extremely easy way to complain CnP issue to Google.

    In case, anyone of you see a person CnP clearly, just click on the link "Ads by gooogle" in one of the Google Ads you see in the CnP website. After that send a feedback to Google via the link "Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just saw", they will investigate the issue. Don't forget to choose "Web page showing these Ads" as the subject.

    Be extra careful when you click, don't mistakenly click on the ads. lol

    Issue like this needs more than 1 person to complain then Google only will bother to take a look. Of course, you got to make sure you have proofs also.

  31. Seriously, can someone remove him from PPS. Enough with the cut and paste shit already.

  32. hsin: our only hope (now) is Aizuddin Danian, the caretaker of PPS.

  33. kah soon the problogger...

    He is useless on top of the ground; he aught to be under it, inspiring the cabbages.

  34. Rabbit : you can make us a button to boycott that Problogger lol then we all put into our blog! chun anot ???

    Problogger : I agree with you!!! everyone should do that!! complain to Google Adsense!!!

    Hsin : jom join the club !!! btw nice article hantaming that problogger wei lol

    Din : You kamching ngan Aiz tak ?

    Sotong : MCH!!! i like eating cabbage one laaaa dont polute cabbage la lol btw you realise anot ... cabbage and garbage sounds alike hor ?

  35. Hahaha! Well-known Tough guy, Chow Kah Soon, is suing! Oh noes! WTF!!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS, BOYS AND GIRLS, the aggrieved party and his army of Interweb lawyers are a-coming!

    Idiot. Let him sue. Bloggers from the United States, land of the frivolous lawsuit, get laughed off the net over such a stupid threat. And we're not even Americans.

  36. LMFAO OMG WTF, l33t Kahsoon juz got pwned!!!1111

    A lawsuit? Yeah right.

    He may be shaking his fists at you and threatening to come up with an lawsuit, but on what grounds does he stand? And why the insecurity over his naked pictures? We're not even slightly tempted to look at what you have anyway.

    WTF is this animal he refers to as "Internet Law?"

    And yes, we are all "not educated and stupid". Oh yes.

    We bow to the exalted, venerated, revered, omniscient, being that is you, Kahsoon.

  37. Wings, ask him to sue lah. Sue already, make the issue huge, then can appear on papers summore. You'll become femes overnight. heehee.

  38. waitaminute. he's challenged you to put up a nude photo of him and then threatened a lawsuit. idont see anything wrong with this, for he hasnt yet said anything silly.

    sure, you place a nude pic of someone up without his/her consent and you have violated any number of statutes.

  39. t-boy : be afraid !!!! be very afraid !!!! LOL!!!

    xaph : wuah dont so direct la later u get la3wyer letter then u know!!!

    YP : let him sue ? i no money to employ lawyer wor ... u pinjam me 1st can ar ?

  40. If he said he want to sue you, I'm sure he is the one who first got sue for his plagiarism act! He seems like doesn't understand what is cyberlaw..better clean owns butt before shouting at others..

    Bloggers are meant to come out with own quotes and pix and is not copy paste = copycat. If he want to take legal action, then better make sure his own butt is clean :D

  41. Here i found a link in regards Malaysia Cyber Law.-http://www.ktkm.gov.my/template01.asp?Content_ID=369&Cat_ID=5&CatType_ID=85&SubCat_ID=133

  42. Hey man, you have my support...

  43. Let's report to Google about his CnP bad activity. Wingz, don't worry, we will support you to fight with that CnP lousy fellow.

  44. Anonymous9:51 pm

    You all say kahsoon is plagarising shit...thats bullocks...look at digg.com, there are loads of site that have similiar content...so FUCK you ALL!!


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