13 November 2005

ZHNG MY DURIANS !!! Ops KennySia Did it Again!

Diu Lo ... Last entry is bout Zhng my Car buden his latest entry he really Really Zhng My Durian lo!!!

What i mean by Zhng My Durian ? bcoz coconuts not big enuff so upgrade to durian la lol .... no lar joking oni ... for complete story pls goto the link below la I also dunwan komen much ... i purposely put the links here so i will get lotsa trapik n referrals one WUAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Kennysia.com - Singapore very safe one a.k.a. ZHNG my Durians
Brand New Malaysian - Kenny Sia steps over the line

The Infamous Picture that will be the talk of the blogsphere in a few hours time! (that is when most of them wakeup and that is also when i am fast asleep la lol )

Last time i goto skool got learn one sentence very "meaningfool" wan but its in Malay la ... it goes something lidis "Bcoz mulut badan binasa" hehe pound on it ler ....

Update : both Mr. Kenny Sia & Mack took down the sensitive pic so i thot the least i should do is to censor the sensitive part and leave the pic being funny as it is :P



  1. lol depends on which funny bone he tickled...he got right to mine alright!! Unfortunately, not so right 'on the spot' for others...

  2. yaya depend on how the sense of humor that person is lo. sure i found i Fani la HAHAHA..

  3. not funny at all, can he work on the humor dept a lil bit more? more like cheap shots than cheap laughs. bck to the drawing board. cheers!

  4. I find not funny at all.He should not put Allah on his durian terroist man.Quite sensitive at this present of time.

  5. helen : one olang mia daging is da poison to anoder ler

    lockee : bcoz the needle is not on your flesh dats why u dun feel it la :)

    joec : u mean not funny enuff izzit ?

    desmond wong : erm i m sure he knew that by now hehe

  6. When I saw it on his blog, I thought he is getting himself into trouble lah.

    Somehow, he withdrawn the picture from his blog liao.

    So, if you wanna get fehmes, blog something really controversial. Sure fehmes! Hahaha ....

  7. *yawn.......*

    Agree with 9394. He shouldn't say, Allah (hu) Akhbar la. Sensitive not only to Muslims, but to me too. We Catholics also refer God as Allah in our Bahasa Malaysia hymns.

  8. I think he mix too much with XX oredi. Must get him back to Malaysia. Hahaha

  9. bryan : no la minimum damage done, luckily its a Sunday and not much ppl read blogs also lol

    5xmom : ............

    wolfy : hahaha u say oni horrr i dint say anything horrr

  10. what this guy will do?
    kamikaze at parliment or at gomen office at putrajaya?


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