24 November 2005


Had a close call today, I was in Ampang picking up Lil Devil and was heading back home. As I am coming out of this one way street suddenly a car dashed in from the opposite direction, I honked and flash my headlights indicating to the car that this is a one way street but the car keep on coming towards us.

Luckily the road is wide enuff for both car to pass. I stopped my car, wind down my windscreen to take a good look at the driver and she happened to be a woman!!! She even gave me that "What! you think your fader own this road ka?" kinda look! WTF!!! cant she read road signs ?? It says NO ENTRY! ONE WAY STREET!!! Which part of "NO ENTRY" she do not understand ?? *sigh*

This whole incident kinda reminded me of an email sent to me by a frend of mine a while ago, I thot that would make a good post with some minor modification la! haha ... enjoy !!

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Put a woman behind the wheel, they will show you what macho really means.

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I swear I seen this somewhere on Malaysian Road!!!

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Ermm ... tok bout ppl with weird fetish ....

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For those who drives, this is a regular sight, err .. prolly a lot lower than this but still a regular sight!

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Women and parking, you will be suprised Mister!

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Oi, Women cant read road signs ok ? EOS!

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This has been voted the Winner of this post! Nickname THE NOOB RIDER!!!

*NOTE : This post is totally, absolutely a joke. No Women were hurt in the making of this post. NO! Dispite of what you thinking, I m still NOT a sexist! Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



  1. buwahah last picture damn on. laugh till chau kan.

  2. boyz and girlz dribing out there must parctize situation awareness driving lei, you dun own the road liao, that is why it is called pubic road not Ah Beng or Ah Lian road.


  3. You know when women turned daredevil on the road??

    When they have to send/fetch kids to/from school and is running late!! Wah... terror lar.

  4. Wah,lucky u didn't meet an accident
    Is it looks like an aunty?

  5. bm : lol thanks

    joeC : KL peeple is lidat one la .. once u put them behind wheels they turn to anoder person wan

    helen : haha if lidis then every women also born to be a stunt driver too la .. wuahhhh terror!!! lol

    yhtan : close call is like a daily event if you are driving in KL.

  6. wahaahaha!!! reminds of the "mai kai she mat kai" adverisement over the radio.

  7. that last pic... ROTFLMAO! copied and emailed the whole jim bang! bwahahaha!

  8. agree on kimberly, that last pic, I saw some ah lian did that as well. Damn funny that one.

  9. very funny lor....
    1st picture - she thinks driving a kancil you know KAN-cil

    2nd 1 driving forever no need refill

    3rd 1 the easiest to wash your car! mua! ha ha ha ha

    4ht 1 that car are not drive by human , saint bernard or rotwialer drive that car

    5th 1 the car don't left alone woh! want go with thier master, who said car don't have feelings?

    6th 1 10-40! persiut car no r0j4k(rojak). 10-12 taking snortcut opss! anak matahari! 10-12 stuck!

    last 1 it must wear by dumb blonde

  10. the last pic of the ladeee with the helmet nails it down! bwahahahahaha

  11. ahpek : u lucky u dont have to face this kinda driver in PeeDee

    belacan : hahaha that last pic classic wei!!! must keep this pic!

    alex : I recomend to Tigress club that they use the last pic as their club logo LOL!!

    pisang : i thot CUNT-chill ? haha nice one!

    mob : can use at laubeh inc mia header ar ? lol


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