13 November 2005

DND - Snatch Thieft in Progress

To all the Lengluis/Ladies/Ahso/Aunty/MuiMuiJais out there pls be careful when you are walking swinging your handbag to front and back ok ?

Watch closely as the Snatch thief grab the handbag of an unsuspecting victim, Its almost like "now you see it - now you dont kinda magic trick"

The below clip were taken from the CCTV os the USJ Shell Petrol Station on 25th Oct 2004 at 1:47pm (broad daylight).

Pulez be very very careful with your handbags .......

Yet anoder community message bought to you by Rojaks


  1. .............. *shocked*
    from the front somemore..

  2. Agree.... simply shocking.

  3. The first time I saw the video, I didn't know what happen. o.0"" All of a sudden, I saw the people walking away....

  4. What the hell!!!!
    1 person driving the motorcycle also can snatch.....but look at the CCTV,the theif is not waiting at the corner,suddenly came in and snatch it......

  5. I hate snatch thieves to bitssssss !

    Don't let me see them fall down during the process, I'll beat him until his mother cannot recognize. LoL...


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