21 November 2005

JoeC 2005 Outstanding Bloggers Award !!! Local and Overseas Category

This is a short post but something quite worth your attention, hop over to JoeC Crash Pad 2005 Outstanding Bloggers Award and look at all the winner, both locally and from the west

a HandFOOLs of local bloggers made the list, namely (in no particular order) :

i) Belacan Times - Best Family man award

ii) Rojaks n Crew - Best Lame jokes award

iii) Willwolf - Best Laubeh Inc. Award

iv) 5xmom - Fastest Blogger Award

v) Loopymeals - Best McD Competitor Award

vi) Helen - The Frankest Blogger Award

vii) Fishtail - Best Retired Teacher Blogger Award

viii) Spicy - Best Hello Kitty Blogger Award

ix) Kuishinbo - Best Malaysia's Student in Japan Blogger Award

x) Lrong Lim - Best Enviromentalist Blogger Award

I salute all of you Malaysian Bloggers! *TABIKKKK!!!!*

Read the whole article by JoeC Tribute to Malaysian Bloggers Post - Link



  1. Eh, your post lagi better lah! It comes with screen shots!!!

  2. WTF is a 'Fastest Blogger'? Running to find JoeC liao.

  3. jason : wuah dont put me on table leh ... this one joeC mia award nanti i kena diskolifai then u no :P

    5xmom : hehe i also dunno u kena ask joe for that

  4. congrats wingz for ur award..does it come with prize money?

  5. oie, rokajz ini bukan anugerah la, nanti orang nak cerenmata dan wang macam mana....

    *may be do a nigerian on the nigerians ... kekekeke*

    lol, ler tang-que for plug-in my plugz in your plug. cheers!

  6. Thank you, thank you, Rojakz and Joe C for mentioning me.... *tears rolling down cheek. Waterproof mascara stood the test. Still looks gorgeous.... (auntie standard)*

    I was actually vying for the most 'Sexy, Leng Lui blogger' award one, but, niamah!! how I know Malaysia got so many young, fresh, pretty & sexy girls one??!! (summore can blog wor!!!)

    So, I am also happy alreadi... *Wll try again next year after total makeover...plastic surgery + breast enchament + tummy tuck + butt lift + Bio-young.*

    BTW, got to thank WIngz bcos u are the 1st person who ever left a comment in my blog lar!!! HA HA HA HA (spam comments dun count lar..)

  7. wuching : itu joeC tarak kasi trophy buruk also u think got money anot la lol

    joec : tenkiu oni meh ? i want marneyyy to fix my carrr!!!

    helen : wuah helen u mean i m ur virgin commentor ? wuahhhh .... thinking bout it ledi stim liow kakaka

  8. oie, unkle, kannot solicit without lai-cent, mana lai-cent? =)

  9. wah, my hello kitty collection oso got a mention ah?

    tenkiu tenkiu... i lebiu all... *blows kisses*


  10. Aiyoooo... Lin Peh no win award la. But never mind..next year cum again ! Give Lin Peh warning first. sure Lin Peh make up nice nice, write nice nice, write fast fast, put nice nice cartoon, nice nice logo. Make sure nominated for all categories like Stephan Chow punya "Kung Fu" !


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