17 November 2005

3 Men (Simon, Buaya and Wolfy) and Their Lunch

Simon, Buaya and Wolfy 3 of them werking in a construction company as welder in KL. They are all married and their wife is still pretty much alive.

You see, 3 of them have this same problem for abit over a year now. Its their lunch! Their Wife made them the same kinda sandwich for lunch every single day for the past 365 days. Then this conversation took place in the half finished building they are working in during lunch time :

Simon : Buaya, lemme guess ... tuna sandwich again rite ?
Buaya : *sigh* yar ... and yours is tune sandwich too ?
Simon : I m so sick of tuna sandwich!!!!
*Both Simon and Buaya looks at Wolfy*
Wolfy : Errr .... mine also tuna sandwich ..errr.... I hate them too!! I swear if tomolow I get tuna sandwich for lunch I will jump off this building!!!
Simon & Buaya : YES ! we will also suicide by jumping off this building if we still get tuna sandwich for lunch tomolo!!!
Wolfy : Ok! Deal !!

The next day all 3 left a note to their wife and jumped off the building and their act even come out in the 6pm national news. In the news they showing the reporter interviewing their wife.

Reporter : Mrs Simon, do you have anything you wanna say ?
Mrs Simon : If I knew he wanted something else for lunch I would have made it!! BOOHHHOOO I m so regret now!!!
Mrs Buaya : BOOOHHHOOO me too, I would made Buaya something different if I knew he hated tuna sandwich so much .... BOOHHOOOO
Reporter : What about you Mrs Wolfy, do you have anything to say ?
Mrs Wolfy : BOOHHOOO I understand the guilt and agony or Mrs Simon and Mrs Buaya, but My husband (Wolfy) made his own lunch all these years!
Reporter :


  1. so whats the story tells??
    Wolf wanto find a company on his road up there... LOL

  2. hot news oh. kahsoon might have another hottestblogger ripoff. hotmalygirls.com might be another one of his money making projects.

  3. mwahhahahahaaha!

    next time, don't make sandwiches. lolz...

  4. wtf, lol *fell off chair* your posts is hazadous to read in da office, nanti kena tangkap ler, five out of five rojaks. cheers!

  5. Hahahah, gara gara ikut cakap kawan.

  6. luckily today is cheese sandwich, kalau tidak, my keyboard kena spluttered with tuna liao. woi, if my notebook rosak, you better gimme an Acer Ferrari! muahahahar!

  7. "They are all married and their wife is still pretty much alive." sounds like they all share ONE wife!

  8. yesh..this is a nice joke =D love it! keep up te good work,

  9. lockee : err .. the actual story is Tuna sandwich is good for health hehehe

    butty :mgirl said that blog not kahsoon's wor

    simon : aiks .. i thot u jump off ledi

    quick : then make Ramly burger ar ?

    joeC : u luff in the heart can ledi la dont luff out loud hahaaha

    bawangmerah : sometime ppl do the weirdest thigs just to be ur frend lol

    buaya : Acer Ferrari mia picture got laaa lol

    wuching : but if u use wives then sound like each of the got multiple wife pulakk lol

    egghead : wolfy very rich wan lar who say poor lol

    msliverpool : wuahhh ... u sure this compliment is sincere or izzit sarcaism in progress ar ?

  10. wolfy tiba tiba kena.. teruk. lol.

  11. I want a fren like wolfy!
    (tks to Bawang Merah or I am still wondering what to comment)

  12. HA HA HA HA This is GOOD!! Love it!! Moral of the story? No need lar... this is rojakz and not sesame street.

    BTW, kahsoon said u and him are now tight and will go yumcha soon..... (in 5xmom's blog)Will this make it to the local news also?? LOL

  13. I'm a poor fella la. Same of routine and stuff. Hahaha

  14. KY : ok ok nx round ur turn pulak lol

    5xmom : wuah i jeles sial ... wolfy lucky lar u ... got chick like 5xmom suka lu sial lol

    helen : eh ... not much war are won without heavy losses on both side wan u know ? In situation lidis it is best to let the poeple judge the situation themself ler .... PEOPLE POWER !!!!

  15. wolfy : u very cukup hengdai sial !!! U jump I jump! i plomise i wont SUE YOU WAN!!! wuahahahaha

  16. LoL Wingz, it's my sincere compliment =) i think i prefer light jokes like this. Good work, really.

  17. ROFLMAO... wingz, you rule lar....
    damn farnee.. I not been reading cos busy, come bek oni read tis.... hahahah!!! ok lar time to oinks. Nite

  18. msliverpool : coming from a person who said my blog got lotsa craps ... i m deeply touched! I will add petrol wan !!!

    PK : u r WongPk rite ? wuah mana lu pigik ledi har ?


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