14 November 2005

Kahsoon & Dawn Yang Naked Pics !!!!!

GOSH! its has been so many days liow and she is still Top 3 most searched topic among the 21 mils bloggers!!! OH WOW WHAT A WONDERFOOL DISCOVERY !!! EUREKA !!!

OH WOW! I got a suggestion !!! why dont we start a top 10 countdown just like this American top 100 chart thingy ??? isnt that great ??!!! WEEEeee!!!!

Oh yar i think you all should be like me and put Dawn Yang in your title there to gain attention and also traffic la ... you know what traffic = money, tell me you knew that by now alredi plz.

Can I enlight you with a few juicy details of Dawn Yang ? Dawn Yang is a pretty girl, she got a blog but shes is not a blogger, she just happens to be a pretty girl with a blog thats bout it all! VIOLA!!! you discovering new things everyday huh ? Dont thank me for it ok ? thank the pink poodle LOL!

Look, its only fair that i did it at least once right ? I mean he done it too, right ?

The unquestionable truth here is every Tom, Dick and Hairy wanna look at Dwan Yang's nekked Pic but how many would wanna look at Kahsoon's nekked pic ?

So lets do a test and see how many hamsup gay lows n girls would wanna look at Kahsoon's nekked pic shall we ? Stay tuned for the Stats!!!! you might be suprised!!!

Related Link - Kahsoon is threatening to sue me in court because of this post!!!

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  2. dawn yang & kahsoon's naked pictures served together? that's like... such a bitter/swweet taste.

    it's like eating the $112k truffle and chao-tao-fu at the same time. wtfknnbrotfl

  3. how about dawn yang and the man fron the header in rojaks daily. i know i'd pay money for that picture. authentic one, of course.

  4. since when you're into naked Kahsoon? HAHAHA

  5. quality! Solid retort to the "most searched / whose got the naked photos" trend in traffic driven blogging.

  6. if wanna see nakid ppl, i see professional nakid models better ler. but i wanna see ppl fall on their back after stepping on a banana peel, tats is more ori, more rojakz. cheers then!

  7. If he has tits like Dawn I dun mind lar.....

  8. can we have a petition against kahsoon the greedy basket?


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