14 November 2005

Blog for Sale !!! Come n bid on chE-Bay

Blog For Sale,

Fehmes Jokes blog for sale! Ranked highly among Malaysian readers.
.Good prospect, easy to get loan up to 99% with low daily interest.
.Can bayar bulan bulan also
.Credit card accepted.
.Very low mileage
.Accident free
Showroom condition.
.Fully maintained by bloggers.com
.Careful owner, like new!.
.Chicks will be easily impressed, not to mention your mother in law also.
.Very few similar blogs like this available in Malaysia. Collector's item!
.High pagerank too ! (PR5)
.Like by many and no enemies! no flamers also!

Test drive available, please email to rojaks.wingz[at]gmail.com for appointment.

Selling price is in USD (Amadika's Dollar) Price Starts at USD81,858.30, Genuine buyers only agents/brokers are not welcome.

Ladies & Gentlemen start your bid !!!

My blog is worth $81,858.30.
How much is your blog worth?

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  1. I don't think its accurate ler. My blog only 0. :(

  2. Got warranty or not?, also if buy later not happy can refund back or not

  3. What freebies you throwing in?? I'll consider if you change your banner and put Wingz's face as the new model...lol

  4. wah..ur selling ur lojak stall keh? oledi made ur millions so u sell to retire now issit? didn't know selling lojak oso make lots of money one..memang i'm in the wrong bisiness lor!

  5. nut real dallars ler, internet measurement only..... but its a joy anyways!

  6. it's certainly NOT accurate. jeff ooi's blog is worth kosong - RM0!! i understand my blog worth kosong but jeff??

    it's just for fun.

  7. jason : as if got ppl wanna buy my blog la lol

    desmond : GOT GOT !!! lifetime warranty !! provided if u can still find me la LOL!

    Helen : for you babe ... dont say put my face la! put nekked body also can! lol

    wuching : no la money no enuff thats why kena sell rojaks stall lol

    Joec : not real dolar nebermin ler ... I also not leehly wanna sell my lojaks bolok also lol

    lucia : cool down cool down!!! since when anything in Rojaks is for real ? lol ... of coz its fake one la .. Rojaks.blogspot.com also worth USD0 (btw they dont use RM as currency measurement one lol)


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