26 January 2008

Wingz Can Cook - How to Make Soya Milk for CNY .....Traditionally

Its prolly because CNY is coming and the economy is really bad ..... this CNY everibodi wanna save money so .... the amount of searches I got lately for "How to make soya bean drink / how to make soya milk" thru google is tremendous! Thanks to this post HERE I think lotsa phuackers ledi curseD 9 me for bruffing them ...

So ... to make up to those who is searching for the Real Method to make Soya Milk the traditional way I made this post just for you! CNY is around the corner and you could save some bucks by making your own healthy, preservative and flavour free soya milk!

Ok now ... spare all the craps ... lets get down to business ( I still got cookies to bake later, so fast fast finish this post and start baking ... if not later my wife weck 9 me! LOL!)

Ingredients :

  1. Soya Beans 500grams
  2. A Jug of clean water (to be use when you blend the soya beans)
  3. Pandan Leaves 5-6 leaves will do
  4. Sugar to taste

Equipment / Tools required :

  1. Traditional coffee filter (the kopitiam type)
  2. A Sieve (plastic of metal also can)
  3. 1 big bowl (ceramic or plastic also can)
  4. Pot for boiling (around 10 liters stainless steel stock pot will do)

Method :

Preparing your Soya Beans

1. Soak your Soya Beans for at least 4 hours (if can soak overnight its better)


2. Drain access water from your soaked soya beans.
3. Put about 100 grams of the soya beans into the blender, pour about 100ml of water into the blender before proceed to blend.


4. Pour the soya bean paste into a bowl and repeat step 3 until you finished all the remaining beans.


5. Cut pandan leaves into smaller section so they can be inserted into the blender, add 300ml of water and blend till you get a green colored liquid. (like the picture below)



Boiling your Soya Beans

You have to boil/cook your soya bean, if not it taste like raw vege juice wan!

1. Fill your stock pot till about 3/4 full and bring it to boil.
2. Pour in the Soya Bean paste into the boiling water.


3. Proceed to boil under low heat while stirring constantly with a spatula.
4. Should be boil for at least 30 minutes.
5. Remove from the stove and left to cool down before filtering.

Filtering your Soya Milk

This is the final process ... after this all you gotta do is to add sugar (or maybe you like to drink it without sugar ... that you your own prefrence la!) and its good to drink ledi!

1. Use a coffee filter and put a sieve on top of it. This combination is so that the sieve will filter the bigger chunks while leaving the cloth type coffee filter to deal with the smaller particlaes of the blended soya beans.


2. You could either pour the whole bloody pot onto the filter (which you will definitely make a mess by spilling the soya milk everywhere) or you could do one scoop at a time like how i did.

3. Add Sugar and Viola! Your own home made Healthy, Creamy, Flavour free, Delicious, Natural Pandan Soya milk!!! This CNY no need buy YEOS packeted drinks ledi! LOL!


Seriously ... its very easy to make Soya Milk ... furthermore soya milk is rich in protein and others vitamins and most importantly ... the kids loves it! err .. and adults too of coz!

Go ahead ... try it yourself! and if you got into any trouble ... just send me an email ... CNY mia pasal I gibe lu free consultation wokeh? :)

Happy Trying Aunties and Uncles and Ahbengs and Ahlians!


  1. Tq very much! Ok I will try it out! Have a nice day & happy CNY!!!

  2. I usually sieve them before boiling them.

  3. so when u taruk the pandan in la bruder...

  4. okay, interesting stuff you got here... what else do u cook?

  5. oh gosh, looks like a messy process

  6. wei !!!

    compesate me!!

    how come after i make it accordingly, my plant died instantly???

    i don care, i don wanna say is my dog or wuteva, i wanna say plant can?

  7. i tot got 1 machine where u jz put beans n water n all done. no need filter, boil, etc


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