16 January 2008

HTC Kaiser Tytn ii

Was given the opportunity to play with the latest PDA phone that hit the market recently. News had it that this unit is completely SOLD OUT!

Retailing at about RM3,288 (with freebies) and its sold out?! WTF??!! So many rich basket around??!!

Codename HTC Kaiser, this baby is pack with features! Comes with GPS, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g, 3G, EDGE, 3.5G HSDPA, Window Mobile 6 Professional, built in QWERTY keyboard, tilt screen, QVGA screen, Bluetooth 2.0,

Been using it for 3 days now but its too early to pass any firm judgement .... so far got pros and cons la. I got another 2 weeks to spend with this before i gotta gibe it back so if you wanna full review of this check back later ok?

If you is Hamsap and you is Ahbeng ... and you are wondering ... Yes this unit can go online and watch p0rn wan ... hamsap piktures also can! I triED edi la!


  1. 2 weeks ???? can u like post it to me to have a try on it??
    oh pwease.....PWETTY PWEASEE....

  2. Wah! So advance kah??? Post up the pic u have download & also the nice pic so all ur reader can download from this site! Tq very very very much! Have a nice day!


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