18 January 2008

Lidis Also Can!

Got a few farking funny mia video mau share sama lu olangs .... plomise you wont luff loud loud ok? If you luff loud loud then you kena fire befoh CNY you dont kam find me ah!

Why this never happen to me why I fly wan??!!!

I have a dog too .... and I will remind myself not to eat brownies or choco muffins when i bring him out go walk walk!

This is classic ok? This will serve as a lesson on us who lafu to use bulutoot one ... ppl dunno u toking on the phone wan la! I kena ledi for a few times ledi ... I was toking on the phone and the fler beside me thot i m toking to him! But if you go 7-11 at nite to buy something ... pls dont do what the fler did in this ad ok?

I no cat wan ... so i m not worried being mistakenly marked as a cat killa! lol

If you have a doter and you fetching her out to party .... make sure you dont give her money the way that fler did in this ad ok? MCH! Dating your own doter is not something you wanna get yourself into!

Lucky our country dont have P0rn shop ..... if not alot of hamsap ahbengs will also kena "mistaken" by your spouse! KAKAKAKA!!!

The moral of the story is ... if you hate your mader in loh then dont serve her blekfas in bed!

And the finale of them all!!!

Amadikans are NOT Stupiak!!!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Have a nice weekend everybody!


  1. why all the video no longer available one?

  2. yah lor.. all no more.. i think got censored by YOuTube :P


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