4 January 2008

New Kind of Warning

I received a sms from Linpeh and got this idea to do this post :

Previously we got warning from the gomen that ciggy is hazardous to health rite?

Now there is a new type of warning ledi .....

To be printed on all condom boxes .....
Personally .... i dunno why the fler goan resign also, what he did with his personal life got anything to do with his political career meh??


  1. Health Minister gives sexual education to personal friend

    This is the only way to live man ! what can a man in his 60’s do anymore but TEACH the young ?
    She was willing to learn the ways of the force !
    Great BJ
    Exceptional doggy style
    Great bed
    I mean…what more can a guy ask for ?
    It is love ? no ? is it for the sex ? no ?
    It’s all for the sole purpose of promoting sexual education among the young ..
    Aiyoh…you guys and gals really sensitive…

  2. good wan later i plomote in my blog

  3. no it wont affect his political career directly but INDIRECTLY it will affect where ppl will look at him and think, "walau... that video i saw him in action.. si beh pai kua!!!" hehehehehehe...

  4. this is gonna be done by the next health minister to make Dr.chua embarrased!!!

  5. if only he has denied... then ask the paper to spin... he would have gotten away with it. the world is unfair to those who are honest.

  6. He resign because the election is nearing and he was also the VP of MCA.

    Whatever it is, most probably, they have already discuss it and maybe they thought this is the best solution for themselves and their party.

    Though I have yet to register as a voter. heh

  7. 2 possible reasons why he resigned! In my opinion.

    1)He is a BN scapegoat in which brainwashed potential opposition voter's mind in thinking opposition really did set him up but the truth is, its a psychological war set by BN themself.

    2)He really did it and as he said, dun want to become a liability to BN in coming election.

  8. oi boss...lim peh is bek to action!! now u can start diuing at lim peh's brog again!!

  9. Like that also can?

    Been inspired by you alot and now I'm blogger.

    I'm a newbie.

    Hope to learn from you:p

  10. got. its a scandal and the convention is like tht. u kantoi thn turun pentas. not a written constitution but a convention

    anyway ....I LAUGHED MY SHIT OUT LOR hahahahahah damn 9 funny!
    how u know wan
    u saw it when u wanna use isit....xD


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