28 January 2008

The Best Business Logo By Far!

Sometime kan ... we dem perasan that we got this "hidden" talent in us to do creative stuffs! Lets say you opening a new business and you know abit of graphic editing ... so you designed your own Logo .... and it looks something lidis ....


This is my Favourite!!! Nick named "The Computer Doctors!" .... but if you really sucks in drawing .... you should really hire a professional graphics designer to help you do you "mouse" because you did not hire a pro .... what suppose to look like a "mouse" is now looking like something that could shoot "white ink!"

Now you know why your folks always thot you been watching porn on internet?


Lets say my company name is Pagoda Sun Ltd. .... therefore I will draw a pagoda and then behind the pagoda is a sun! That's easy rite? Piece of cake! ..... eh wait! ..... why it looks like something else wan? like something poking something lidat geh?!! LOL!!!


When you tried to act smart by adding words together gether or trying to coin a new word .... but little you do realised that ... certain words kenot mix wan! Especially the word "Kids" and "Exchange" so now people who have too many doters will send their kids to your place to change them to a boy! KAKAKA!!!


A Style! Kanneh!! This logo i love much much!!! Dem farking creative ok? Dem creative if they opening massage parlour or chicken den la! other than that ... i doubt they will be getting the "correct" kinda customers LOL! Might as well change their name to Doggy-Style la!


I think this fler is doing Pediatric center but on top of that they got provide some sexual relieve also for those in great pain .... look at the logo ... if thats not a icon for BJ then i dunno what is! LOL!


I think this logo is farking telling the turth ok?! Do you realised that its more expensive to visit a dentist than a regular lokter? I was once quoted 4k to get a 4 piece denture permanently fixed to my mouth!! And its just like what the logo is telling you .... "Come! Lemme screwED YOU! "


I think I dont have to explain much ... if a pharmacy got this kinda logo ... then you should know that .... that pharmacy is sure to be specialised in sexually realted mia products wan!

Graphics designers are here for a purpose! So please use their services can? You are really not as talented as you think you are! LOL!

p.s. tenkiu smm for these piktures!


  1. LOL, sometimes those logos not really obvious until somebody points it. Some sort of enlightenment, I guess. XD

  2. hahaha! u r most welcome uncle!

    btw, im still FAT!!!

  3. I used to work near the Arlington Pediatric Center and drove by there every day for work. Did not pay much attention then, but damn funny now.

  4. LoL... omg... wer u go find dis signs?? geng chin wei... hahahaz...

  5. Lol. Found you checking out my profile on Friendster. Haven't dropped by your blog for quite some time. Still so hillarious! Thank God the pharmacy I work in has no obscene logos :)

  6. just came across this and LOLOLOL. Those are really funny!!

  7. wah..like that also can??i also dont know how to comment liao..really must learn from sifu d..lol..

  8. hhiilllaarrriiouusss

  9. harharhar harun salim bachik.. no more "d0ggy style".. go for A-style...LOL

  10. ahhahahahaah nice sexy logo mar..ahhaah


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