16 January 2008

Cuci Mata Wetnesdei

Little do i realise that its alreadi wednesday and it has been a while since i last do Cuci Mata post ledi .... all you hamsap ahbengs must ran outta ideas to tfk ledi ... not wanting to be the sole reason for you to blame when you pipe clogged (becoz too long no use ledi) this week i kasi continue itu cuci mata post!

This time this siu mui mui got Fresh Flesh!!! Pak suet suet wart luet luet wan!!! As usual ... all hands on desk while watching/reading cuci mata post! Dun let your hands wanders bawah meja can??!!


Wokeh ... you guys can go toilet now!


  1. The gals this week very aeroplane

  2. Yappiii!!! Wetnesday is back!!! Tq Tq !!!Have a nice day!

  3. allo... 2 questions:

    1. Where you found 'materials' for Cuci Mata posting?

    2. No more 'click for bigger image' and link to picspay site? Why? picspay is deadpool already?

    Ok... not exactly 2 questions.

  4. that's Jun Natsukawa! Gravure model damn hots.

  5. I got this feeling that this is not a real girl


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