17 January 2008


I learnt a new word yesday ... its called V-fee

Overheard from a conversation between 3 "Gold hair" Ahbengs on the table next to ours yesday during our mamak session ....

Ahbeng 1 : MCH! that setarbark at leisuremall mia V-fee kenot use one la! that day I go there and use but kenot.
Ahbeng 2 : Eh ... Sg. Long there got one kopitiam got kasi free V-fee one leh! that day i go there with my fwens and try .. can use wor!
Ahbeng 3 : You mean secret recipe or oldtown kopitiam?
Ahbeng 2 : no ah! this one is hawker stalls lei geh! opposite the Maybank there.
Ahbeng 3 : Wah! There also got V-fee? Next time lepak there better la! Drinks also cheaper ... bring our computer and play Dota there ok?
Ahbeng 1 : Ok ok set! tomolo we go.

There u go .... if you wondering Watdafark is V-fee ... I was as blurr as you guys but after a while i finally figure it out ... its WIFI!!!

For those Ahbengs who derno how to pronounce this word ... its pronounced as Wai-Fai NOT V-fee or WeeFee!!!

Next time derno how to say ask first la dun simply tembak! Bikin malu oni!

Next time u go starbark asking for their password "alo ... can i have V-fee password pulez?" Diu! kakakakaka!!


  1. Kakakakakakakakkaak akakakakakakakakakakkak kakakakakakakakakaka! *ROTFL*

    V-fee! Hahahahahahahahahahahahha!

    Just a curious question: Ah Beng oso know how to 'go up net' (seong morng) meh?

  2. they play dota mah ... so no choice they hafta learn lor kakaka and to watch porn also leh!

  3. Actually, in France, they do pronounce it as "WEE FEE" instead of "WAI FAI".

  4. I thought it is a cream use by lady to have smooth leg! V-feet!!
    Have a nice day!

  5. LOL !!!

    i think that ah beng is u, uncle rojak...c'mon, don be shy..just admit it.. =p

  6. It is quite common for Chinese youngsters to pronounce English words wrongly, let alone acronyms and what-have-you. Blame it on our education system.

    At one time, many Chinese DJs (in Malaysian Chinese radio stations) said "alias" instead of "at" for the "@" sign in email addresses.

    BTW, you don't need to know English to use the computers or internet. Any language will do if you have the language support installed. In fact, the operating systems themselves (Windows, Apple, Linux) can be in a language other than English.

  7. they use bahasa malaysia la.....
    i think they rite wan


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