25 March 2009

TenKot You is Ahbeng!

I derno how true izzit ... how many here got laid after drink beer wan? lol ... in ader country (where the gomen can accept humor wan) they got this kinda poster in the men's toilet one ....

I post it up here bcoz those Ahlians neber see before ... and also ahbeng who neber go over the sea also neber see before mah! lol

Click on the pigchers to enlarge la! then u will know how complicated it is to bekam Ahlian!

TenKot we is Ahbeng la!!! life is much simpler!!! ..... yea rite!!!


  1. Nice posters!
    Ah lian's life seems more interesting. hahaha!

  2. this pigcer wrong ledi....
    nowdaysz ah beng is metro sexual....
    they wan looks beautiful punya...


  3. women...complicated, yet we (the straight guys) love them :)


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