27 March 2009

Little Blythe

Congratulation to Sam and Belle on their new born Baby Blythe!

The mummy to altho kena anestathic kaw kaw but still got power to mms me the pikture ... bravo ah Belle!!!

Now both of the will be busy playing daddy n mummy liow ... no time to terrorise us anymore!!! LOL!


  1. hahaha.......... friend, our time sudah over liau lar. How is little Rojaks doing? The friend still got kacau him boh?

  2. Anonymous3:49 pm

    blythe how to read ah? "blait' or wat?

  3. lil rojaks is now tormenting fatty rojak HAHAHAHA

    @anon. prounounced as B + life = blaif

    wingz~ me alive and kicking sam also! thanks for your "wishes" We will try our best not to make everyone adore our blythe xD


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