3 March 2009

New Ahbeng Vocab - Pumpkin Curry

If you have as much Ahbeng fwens as I do ... every now and then you kena update yourself with their language bcoz these bargers can come out with new words n vocabs every now and then one!

Just last week a new slang is discovered during a Yum Char session ... below is the conversation :

Ahock : Ahbeng I heard your maid follow her indon balak run ledi wor!
Me : Mch! when this happen wan? This farker never tell us also?
Ahock : Of coz he never tell us la! This barger molest 9 his indon maid till she run away! he mana dare to tell us?! kakakakakaka
Ahbeng : MCH! that pumpkin curry so fugly even if she pay me money i also wont molest her ok!
Me : Sure anot lu?!
Ahbeng : Sure la! That pumpkin curry long long ago arm luen me wan! she even ran away with all my underwear ok! U say she binthai anot?!
Ahock : kakakaka!!! MCH lu la! U dem perasan izzit? run away with your underwear for what fark?
Ahbeng : How i know her? she miss me that time wanna take out my underwear and sniff sniff guah?!
Me : kakakaka Mahpuki lu keep dliming la!
Ahock : oi pumpkin curry is what?
Ahbeng : U translate into malay and see
Ahock : Kari labu?
Me : kakakakaka!!! MCH ahbeng pumpkin curry u too!!!

There ... now we got a more civilise way to say kaninabu ledi ... see what see?!! Pumpkin Curry la!


  1. wehhh!! wingz aarrrr, pumpkin curry is damn nice!@! ahhahhaa

  2. Anonymous1:52 pm

    haha. i can't believe that i read the whole post. pumpkin curry. that hilarious man.

  3. rofl....haha...that is so funny... next time maybe i could use'em and they don't know that i'm scolding them..

  4. Anonymous12:40 am

    fark kiu wingz. HAHA! I laf until my lanjiao kecut

  5. your old brother betul..........

    keju ......
    I derno wat izzit and got no balls at all
    until read the last part......
    not beef curry?

    waka ka ka ka ka ka

  6. ahahah kari labu ^^ ok new word to use


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