12 March 2009

Ahbeng Genie

One Ahbeng politician found a magic lamp while jungle trekking in his kampung ... and like in every freaking Genie story ... he pick it up n rub rub and got one freaking fugly looking genie pop up from no where. This time this genie abit kiamsiap so instead of granting him 3 wishes he only offered him one wish oni.

Ahbeng : Pumpkin kari! Why oni 1 wish? i read all the stories also got 3 wishes one?!!! mana can lidis?!
Genie : Niahma lu ... inflation mah! its lidis one! u dun say so much u want anot now? MCH! you wake 9 me up from my wet dream i notchet kira sama lu ... u sommo want kira with me izzit?
Ahbeng : ok ok soli soli ... i want! i want!
Genie : Faster tell me your wish la ...
Ahbeng : I can wish for anything ar?
Genie : yea anything! I am a very powderful Genie! I grant u your wish can?!
Ahbeng : You know i always habe this problem with my computer ... i do work half way it hang and gimme blue screen then i lost all my unsaved work ...
Genie : You using Window ka?
Ahbeng : Yar i using window .... so i wish you could make my windows crash free from now on!
Genie : wuahh ... choose other thing can ar? This is is abit over my power leh ....
Ahbeng : Pumpkin kari lu! just now say very pahwerful wan?!
Genie : Inflation ma! Pahwer also inflation la!
Ahbeng : niahma ... ok la ok la then my new wish is I wish for the political situation in Perak will go back to normal and be peaceful again like last time.
Genie : WHAT?!!! ......
Ahbeng : How?
Genie : eh .... You bring me home rite now to look at your windows problem leng mou?


  1. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Nice poke hahahaha :)

  2. Wah Lauehhhh!!! Easier to fix Bill Gate crash arrrr!!! Perak so hard arrrr???

  3. must be genie in training ......
    derno anyting....

    but that ah beng still use windows98 kar

  4. super hilarious..i can't stop smiling after reading this... inflation in wishes and power..haha

  5. i thought the genie will ask ah beng to use linux... ha ha

  6. I dont know why.. but the punch line of the Genie saying "Leng Mou" simply made it hilarious.... LMAO

  7. Anonymous11:40 am

    Pumpkin Curry, thats a good one!

  8. hahahahaha.

    fix windows easier. lol


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