26 March 2009

Ahbeng Go MAS Inflight Kitchen Tour!

I dream long long to sit in 1st class and makan the food there but all the while my wallet not thick enuff to goan fulfill this dream but tenkiu to MAS my dream kam true ledi!!!!

Last saturday we were invited by my brader AhJon from FLEISHMAN HILLARD goto MAS Skychef kitchen to feed my fat face lol!

Skychef building

This is the first sign you can see when you walk into this building, apart from all the scanners and metal detectors and thick solid steel gate that forbid gate crasher into the premises ... pratically .. mouse also kenot sneak into this area!!! The security here is thighter than Amadika plesidern opis! lol

if you fly any of these airlines before ... you been eating food prepared by skychef

Presentation slides

Chef giving Presentation

After the presentation we go round round the place terrorizing the neighbourhood in our strange ET outfit ... i dont have a pic bcoz during the tour kenot take pic one ... high sekiu area la! but some basket managed to smuggle some pics out of that place lol i go steal from FB now and show u ok?

Banglas factory workers start afternoon shift lol

I know ... the outfit n the headcap is part of hygiene requirement in the facility ok? so u can be certain the food they serve to you in the plane is prepared in a very very hygienic facility.

They also bring us round round the roti factory, packing area, dessert department, the chiller (the place where we u can get smokes kambing out of your mouth even tho you are not smoking one) and they also bring us to the frozen room ... and this room is fun! lotsa things u can do here! some of the very fun activity u can do here is "lick the steel rack" or to "whether your pee will touch the floor as liquid or ice?" or "make your pants heavier by pissing innit!" LOL of coz if you got big pockets ... u can also smuggle some good stuffs out ... like lobsters n salmon and scallops n abalone ... the list went on and on and on .... lol!

whent he tour finish edi everyone also hungry ledi .... and its makan+camwhore time!!!

Brader AhJon

I let the photo do the toking la ... the kinda food we saw there is beyond words can describe one lol

Salmon Steak

Lamb shank

Lobster meal

Lobster meal 2

Grilled Pomfret

I think this one is beef steak

Scallops Salmon Salad

Beef Ribs

Beef Ribs

No one seems to know what dish is this lol


Fruits! Glorious fruits!

Desserts!!! HEAPS of them!!!

Phuhhh the food i tell you .... drool habis habis one!!! free flow sommo!!! eat all you can! Tahpau also can!!!!

My fwen eat till dunwan go home ... u say leng anot la! If they want to hire me .. i also wanna work there wei!

The Glutton Gang ( VKeong, Simon Seow, Kennysia, Dale, Chef, Citygal & Kampungboi, Thomas and one funcheong)

I love MAS deep deep!!!! got new menu pls invite me test makan again pulezz!!!!

pls do ignore the over saturated colors of the piktures ... i was testing a new lens that day and dont quite got used to it yet lol!


  1. the lobster looks really really nice...but the portion looks a bit small...are those food serving inflight??

  2. why do always hide wan when you take the pigcer....

    i mean your official face in this blog...

  3. wah that funcheong showing face in the blog edi hehehehehe

  4. Anonymous11:13 pm

    i think i know which one is you

  5. Who's that fun cheong? LOL


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