22 March 2009

Har Gau! Siu Mai! Lor Mai Kai!

I so long no hear lenglui in cheongsam yell loud loud "HAR GAU! SIU MAI! LORMAIKAI!! ledi ..... then yesday missus sardenlee got this craving for dimsum ... sked 9 sei me when i heard that! I terus ask her ... u preggy ar?

It turned out to be false alarm la ... she just so long neber eat dimsum like me oni ... time is bad mah what to do .. can save mai save lor!

So since both of us agreed ... we close eyes go eat 1st ... later oni kira la lol!

OK ima happy man now lol! *Burp*


  1. Wah missus never scold arr i'm sure you damn chat long take photo one right?

  2. and now i am craving for some dim sum action... its super expensive to have dim sum here, almost cost 15 pounds per person for a dim sum meal here...


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