10 February 2011

Express Your Personality With Limited Edition Fortune Mask Design USB Modems

I remembered ages ago, there is this advertisement in the TV for a major debit card company and their tag line at that time is “Never leave home without it” you remember anot?

Well, that had changed. Tat particular debit card is no longer the major player in the card market and thing that you kenot leave home without actually changed too!

I was at Kuantan for my annual CNY holiday few days ago and guess what is the items that I kenot leave home without? My Handphones (yea I carry more than 1 phone with me), my laptops (more than 1 laptop too), my usd Modem and my camera gears.

I guessed this era mia ppl are too “connected” to be unconnected even for a few days, also in that way I cann still keep in touch with my buddies and at the same time spending quality time with my famlee. Best of both world!

Some of you might think, few days only ma! Dont have internet wont die one leh! … ok la I agree memang wont die one if dont have internet connection for a few days but I will be missing out a lot leh! I will be left out! You know me n my buddies … we once wiped out the battery of 2 blackberry phones in a few hours time due to the amount of facebook notifications they received while they are in the meeting! Tats how terra out spamming ability is. That is just few hours! What more if you toking about days! Too much at stakes! Kenot kena left behind wan! If not they will be toking bad about me if they know I wont be reading! Lol!

If you are like me … you dont like to be left behind, Celcom is here to hepchu! visit any Celcom Blue Cube or Celcom dealers today because not only is Celcom Broadband offering special broadband packages with RM10 discount for the first 3 months during this festive period, you will also get to choose your own Limited Edition Fortune Mask design to go with your FREE USB Modem.

Fortune Mask Design very yeng one I tell you!

Also you can choose from 12 cool Limited Edition Fortune Masks that best suits your personality such as:

Creative (Rat)

Unorthodox, out of the box or just plain odd, you are blessed with flair, flamboyance and finesse.

Intelligent (Ox)

Knowledgeable, wise and sensible, your strong, confident manner makes you a natural leader in the eyes of those around you.

Courageous (Tiger)

A fearless risk-taker who never turns down a challenge, you perform admirably both in the great outdoors and corporate jungle.

Charming (Rabbit)

The life of the party, you have a divine gift of mesmerizing your adoring public with your sharp wit and madcap personality.

Ambitious (Dragon)

Armed with an unwavering perseverance and determination to succeed, you are ambition personified.

Passionate (Snake)

A lover by nature, you ooze sensuality and romance. You are quite simply irresistible.

Powerful (Horse)

A free spirit with a gift of the gab, you draw your audience with your quick wit and outrageous anecdotes. A crowd favourite.

Wise (Sheep)

Decent and trustworthy, you are virtuous to a fault. An advisor, a confidant, even a shoulder to cry on, best describes what you mean to others.

Cheeky (Monkey)

Mischievous and good-natured, your playful crowd-pleasing personality brightens up even the dullest of moments.

Confident (Rooster)

Constantly on the go, you lead an eventful life due to your love for being part of the group, always to the delight of others.

Loyal (Dog)

A rare virtue in the modern age, you remain the rock of any relationship, fiercely devoted and dependable to all that matter to you.

Noble (Boar)

Unpretentious, unassuming and modest, your quiet, dignified ways are an oasis of calm amidst the madness of modern life.

LENG LEH!! how to get one? Easy oni leh!

Lidis … All you need to do is sign up for Celcom Broadband plans and choose any one of the limited edition USB modems. Check out all 12 of the cool devices which you can choose from! Whatever your personality is, we’ve got a limited edition Fortune Mask design just for you and it’s FREE!

What’s more, in conjunction with the festival period, Celcom Broadband also offers great discounts on the Celcom Broadband MiFi Router, HP G42 Notebook and HP Mini 110 Netbook when you sign up for either Celcom Broadband Basic or Celcom Broadband Advance with a 12 months contract. Just see it below to believe it!

The MiFi Router also comes in 12 different Fortune Mask designs, while the HP Mini 110 Netbook comes with limited edition skins. Choose the one that suits your personality best!

If you are those free spirit type and dun like to be tie down with kontrek wan … u can get the RM128 Celcom Broadband Prepaid™ Start Up Kit. It oso come with limited edition Fortune Mask design with a FREE USB modem. The modem itself also cost more than RM128 ledi la! Mana mau cari wei?!

Then if you mau more bandwidth u top up ler … now got promo sommo! Cheap cheap oni! U see the rate below n tell me cheap anot?!

Ape lu tunggu lagi woi? Later promo finish liow u dun cry ah! For more information pulez logon to www.celcom.com.my/broadband

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