23 June 2008

Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging Party - Nose Bleed Piktures!!

Naihma I tell you Who no go Nuffnang mia Wild Live Blogging party now can go bang yo own balls till they turn blu-black! No briff? Nah let you see abit sample la!

But first you kena get ready some Tissue paper ... standby la ... gerentik nosebleed one i tell u! All hands on desk ok? mch still erly la!

This one my Feberet pikture of the nuffy gers .... who got high blood pressure better dun see long long ... later kena heart ehtek!

The more u see .. the more high your blood pressure wan!

Jie-jie bunny ... can i bwing u home? I lafu carrot one leh!

2 chiew kap mou tik lengluis .... Ringo and PlincessJane

Erm ... who can tell me where their blogs??!! I gibe lu rewards!!! lol

Chicken playing with cow mia pink KKC .... this cow got 4 KKCs wan! LOL!

Pink pau, Suet Li and Lioness .... *looking for tisu*

Can you feel the *electrict* yet? *bzz-bzz* Kena sot sial!

Phuiyo side view!!!! can see ... *ahem* the actual size lol!

Msia dlim girl Ringo ... i everynite also got dlim of her wan! *lau bei huet*

this bunny is the ladyboss!!!

2 supah sizzling hot ... hottar than hot plate mia ladybugs

2 hottest mouz

msia dlim girl hani, adeline and bunny jiejie .... I so wanna dlim now!!!

Bunny jiejie drink carrot juice! My houz got lotsa carrot leh!

Dlim ger adeline, Michelle domdom and skyler

look at bunny jiejie mia waist ..... *drools*

Suet Li with the Dlim gers

Ringo with Cow with 4 lembik KKCs lol

This Jiejie cold edi .... go wear Tshirt ... no more HAWT! LOL!

Hi korkor~~ Vote for me!

3 finalist of bet dressed mamamiaaa~~~

If you bored of looking at the front edi ... nah here the rear view! As juicy as the front view wan!

LEGSS!!!! peacock, ostrich and a bee taking piktures with a half man gorrila!

How? Nose bleed edi anot? If not yet then u go bang your nose on the wall la! You obviously mati pucuk ledi wan! no die orso no use! Wuahahahaha!

Mana my pikture? I avoiding the camera like a bad case of STD la! I dunwan pollute ppl mia camera with my fugly pic! Later camera spoil ledi they ask me pay bek how?! KAKAKAKA!

Then of coz .. other than nose bleed we also got obscene 18SX stuffs to show you .... there is this dude .... walking around with a HUGE dick on his face! A black nigga KKC! Dont briff? See the pikture below! This is 18SX stuffs ok? if you notchet 18 yrs old ... pls dun continue!

SHAD the Huge Dick guy! See? That fler flashing his KKC at everyone! LOL! The lenglui beside him is electronicfly

Chicken man raping Mr. Spidey lol! 18x also!

* Note : I tarak bwing my own camera .... all piktures here belongs to either one of them broggers below :
  1. lovesickz.blogspot.com
  2. mikeyip.com
  3. shaolinphoto.com
  4. revel-in-me.blogspot.com
  5. princessladyjane.blogspot.com
  6. onebigbone.com (the Chicken)
  7. mrgin.blogspot.com
If i left out anyone whom piktures is displayed in this post, feel free to inform me wokeh? Dun shy shy la! Dun wanna kane sue for infringement of kopirite!

Cant wait for the next upkambing nuffnang's party .... they freaking know how to throw powderful and hawt party wan!!! WELLDONE Nuffnang! I lafu yew!


  1. Anonymous2:10 pm


  2. hensem wingz..why no bling ur camera?so potong stim one..ur pics more shiok la..hehe..

  3. Anonymous5:48 pm

    The 5th picture, the girl on the right dressed in black,this is her blog>> http://mae-schmae.blogspot.com/...

  4. hahahhaha!!!!! funny!
    i agree with sue, why no bling ur camera lerrrrrr..sure can get good angle wan...
    sue, later ill give you random shots of the people..u gotta point me which one's wingz alright? damn curious arrr

  5. wah.dat forth las pikche very ngam wan.-nose bledin-

  6. Wahhhh.. my picture is here... *happy* *happy*...

    It was nice to finally meet u... yeah lor, too bad nvr really get to talk to u... but i somehow feel kinda scared to talk to u.. cuz u look so serious that night wei... i am used to ur funny jokes n all.. suddenly see ur serious face damn takut la... hahahaha...

    Hope to see u next time.. n next time, we r going to take pictures together ok???

    Take care!

  7. wei some of the pics come from my blog one but how come i not inclusded in the list..

  8. Eh megahaiii!!! I didn't rape him! It was consentual!

  9. Anonymous9:00 pm

    Erm ... who can tell me where their blogs??!! I gibe lu rewards!!! lol

    The white color one is

    So... what's the rewards ar? =P

  10. Hey, I think some of it is my camera's pic leh. Those ppl steal from my Facebook leh.


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