25 June 2008

Cuci Mata Wetnesday - SpongeBob Grown Up Alredi!

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I tried to make a cuci mata post since 10am but I surrendered to my work ... totally kenot find time to even post any pics!!! ARGHH!!! Then lunch time kam thot can post la! ... mana tau lotsa uninvited guests also kam! so its 3:15 pm now and here i am typing out this simply Cuci-Mata post.

I actually thot wanna skip today post edi bcoz dem farking busy! Buden after yesday mia "horniest Country" post to which i thot i must have made lotsa contirbution in making Mareysia a one of the hamsap-est nation in the world I must post more cuci-mata post wan ... that way we can keep our most hamsap-est nation mia title!!! Maybe one day i can get a latuk title for my hamsap contributions lol!!!!

Bek to today mia cuci mata post ... lotsa teens nowadays grow up watching spongebob cartoon rite? After so many years .... Spongebob alo grown up ledi la!

Of coz in cartun you kenot see the Grownup Spongebob mia version la but in Rojaks we think of everything for lu edi ....

So Ladies and Genitalmen!!!! I present to you Grown up SpongeBOOB!!!!


What you mean where is SpongeBooB? There la! There! There! The yellow color fler with big big EYES!!! can see anot?!!! .... oi Ahpek hands mana pigi?!!! Taruk balik on the table!!!

Now now you seen the Grown up version of SpongeBooB ledi ... which one you prefer? Young Spongebob or Grown Up SpongeBooB version?


  1. lol......hensum wingz rule the net....hahaha
    i realli like da old sponge boob...haha...

  2. i choose grown up sponge boobs.
    hands down.

  3. I want to link your pic to my blog, can? I wan to write something about it.

  4. Anonymous8:28 pm

    i can reli get everything in rojaks

  5. You din say yes or no... So I assume it is yes, ok? Thanks.


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