17 May 2005

Nose Bleed Calender's Model 2006 !!!

After Lunch today one of our regular supplier Chong stop by for a regular visit, me and Chong goes way back to Secondary skool. Hes a printer now, as in he prints all our forms, catalogs, flyers, namecards etc.

At around 2:30pm he knocks on my door *knock knock*

Me : Kambin

Chong : Low sai hou mow ?

Me : Wuahhh ... i see u driving new car ledi wor ....

Chong : Eh how you know ?

Me : Aiyah! from my window here can see your face when u get out of your new car lar. How nice anot the car ?

Chong : Diu! perdana jek mah ... still a proton lar wat u expect ?

Me : Business must be good for yew lar

Chong : No la!

Me : Its either that or you have been slaughtering me la!

Chong : Low sai we so long time mia frend ... i wont do this kinda things one lar

Me : Heh Mao ? (true anot in hakka)

Chong : Kikangin mah!! hehe (same same hakka ppl)

*We pause for a while bcoz Lam bring in drinks for Chong*

Me : How your business this month ?

Chong : eh I tell u har ... this month mia business jialat man! dunno why da market so quiet one!

Me : Eh! my side also wor! this month super quiet la! whats happening ar ?

Chong : Aaaiiiii .... itu petrol mia plice every month go up .... everyone still in panic mode .... raw material plice hali hali go up, selling plice knot go up .... like this continue my lil brader also knot get up liow...

Me : So cham meh ?

Chong : Ya la! Boss, you got anything new lemme print anot ?

Me : Anything new ? all our printing let u sapu ledi if got new things also u will know what ?

Chong : Yiu Heh Wor! (True also hor) Eh wanna do calender or diary anot ?

Me : You cheesin ka ? now may only lar oi!

Chong : Wat to do? my factory now no job la! so u gimme some business lar u order now but i deliver to you in Nov or Dec la ok anot ?

Me : If u deliver in nov or dec then ok la

Chong : OK! u wait for me i go my car take table calender sample let u choose

*2 minits later*

Chong : nah here got 3 design u choose lar see which one u like

Me : *flip flip flip* WAHH!!! this one very exotic !!! so sexy !!!! so little clothes !!! i am sure my customers will like wan !!!! *Salivating*

Chong : LMAO!!! you sure you want this one boh ???

Me : SUREEE!!!! all my customers will remember me for ages if i give them this table calender man!!! ok set! 2000 copies of this design. I ask Yee to fax you the PO tomlo.

Below is part of the pics thats suppose to be appearing on my next year table Calender 2006! ENJOY! :P


  1. Anonymous2:21 am

    Wahahaha! Haven't seen this in a while. The TV commercial version is even funnier.

  2. they have this in commercial??the men are so cute...hehehe


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