27 May 2005

The BEST job in the world!!

  • Applicable to male only, (REAL MAN!) others nid not apply.
  • Must have gentle and delicat fingers, surgeon's hand is an added advantage
  • Must be able to handle gossips and fame
  • Must be able to work long hours and over the weekend
  • Must be mobile
  • Must be willing to work at site
  • Must be able to perform
  • Must be in love with this kinda work
  • Single
  • Handsome
  • Tall
  • Loves music
  • Strong, sexy and muscular pair of hands
Those who think he meets with the above requirement, are hereby invited to apply for the post of TITS/NIPPLE TWEAKER ! LOL!

I KID YOU NOT !! i got pic to prove that this profession does exist !!!

click on photo to enlarge

Is this the best job in the world or what !!!???


  1. Damn..that is..ZOMG...hahaha..its a miracle job indeed

  2. You forgot that only gays can get this kind of jobs.

  3. I'll have a nose bleed every single day man... might need a daily blood transfusion!

  4. goshh, tot someone was hiring Gigolo

  5. Go to http://lifeinside.blogspot.com to read more about my adventure as a medical students :) - contains lots of pictures! You might like it!


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