23 August 2010

Celcom RM38 Most Affordable Broadband! Where to find?!

Connecting to the internet isn’t always about getting the fastest connection especially when I’m out taking pictures, I just need something to keep me connected so I can browse for things I need, share pictures, tweet, pay bills (especially last minute bills), and how else do you all think you can get funny posts on my Facebook??? Sure, you can try to rely on free Wi-Fi like those in Starbucks, but can you get anything done there at all? Everyone’s there using their notebook and hogging up the bandwidth that half the time, I can’t even load a webpage! And when you can’t find Starbucks…you’ll probably end up like this:

No free Wi-Fi

I’ve learnt my lesson. Once my client was busy chasing me for some documents and out of desperation, I pulled out my phone for pay-per-use internet and spent almost RM50 just trying to upload and send her a proposal and trust me, mobile version of emails are NOT fun, especially when the case is urgent and your boss is on your tail.

I don’t know how anyone can even live without the internet now which is why I’m so glad I found out about the latest Celcom Broadband promotion at only RM48/month, now I can surf all I want 24/7! For early bird promotion, it can even be as low as RM38/month* but you’d better be fast! *Offer valid for the first 3 months only.

But if you’re an avid user and need quick internet speed, Celcom, the largest mobile broadband community, also have a range of different packages for you to choose from:

  • Offer is applicable for the 1st 3 months only

  • OR to get started, subscribe to a plan with a FREE modem subscription:

Finally, here’s something I enjoy the most – broadband for my smartphone because seriously, what’s the use of a smartphone when there’s no unlimited internet connection? What makes this even better is how Celcom has the widest broadband coverage so when I’m in ulu places meeting clients or taking pictures, there’s always coverage and I can always get a consistent speed.

*Only applicable with an active voice line

Want to subscribe? Just visit any Celcom branch, blue cube outlets or any participating dealers nationwide and you’ll be on your way to the limitless boundaries of the Internet and stalk all your friends on Facebook.

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