1 July 2010

You Which Bank wan?

If you got read about iTalk Whoa from my blog, u will noe this is a new campaign by TM that allows user to unify different emailing services, and social portals like Facebook and Twitter into a single window for easy access.

This iTalk Whoa also let u use Skype and make long distant call using iTalk serbis. Last time, I go lim teh after work, will see all this Indonesian maid goan buy this iTalk card from kedai runcit to call their family bek in their country.

Or those werk in opis 1, will always go buy the kredit in petrol station etc. etc…..
Now no need ade. Dun waste time go buy from kedai runcitor petrol station. That is old skool mia style. Now can buy from online. All u need to do is goto iTalk Whoa’s website, and make ur purchase.

Tats why I ask lu apa bank, coz if ur bank of choice is in the list included by TM, then u can use ur account to purchase the italk kredit directly, without so much hassle to go out to get ur iTalk credit.

User interface when purchasing iTalk credit

If you have an iTalkWhoa account, u can purchase directly from the website, and the credit will be reloaded in ur account. This means that u dun need to key in the pin and reload it manually anymore.

So even if you dun reli like this iTalk Whoa thing, if you are using iTalk to reach out to your relatives or family in foreign countries, you shud give it a go!


  1. Anonymous3:34 pm

    aiyah... why no bank of china? BNI also don't have. not international 1 ah?

  2. Save petrol, no need to drive out to buy top up card. Wheeeee....

  3. wahhh... finally got something like 1-stop center to deal it all. Leng ah!!!

  4. Cunnnnnn.. eh but what else I can buy there?


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