22 June 2010

Sony Alpha NEX3 ISO Performance

While us Malaysian is still eagerly awaiting the availability of our Pre-booked NEX3 and NEX5, some of the fortunately users around the world is already producing stunning images from this camera. I personally saw some foreigners using the NEX5 at Japan GT Malaysia round to take photos at the paddocks.

So to those of you who would wonders what kinda capability this little wonders have, here is a sample photos i took from the Sony NEX3 and NEX5 pre-launch media/pro-photographers evaluation session organised by Sony Malaysia at their HQ in Mid Valley on May 2010. All photographs in this article were taken with either NEX3 or NEX5 camera.

NEX3 in black and white

NEX3 came in 4 differen types of colors, namely black, white, red and light blue.

from the left : E 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 zoom (SEL1855) , E 16mm F/2.8 (pancake lens), E 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3, Fisheye converter, & mic boom extension.

a black NEX 3 with attached external flash that comes with the camera in the package.

The first thing i noticed about the NEX3 i been testing is how clean the iso is for a unit as small as this. So much so that i decided to do few similar shots under Aperture mode in different ISO so to show how suerb is this little wonder in its noise handling. All photos are not editing, only resize. Click on the photos if you wanna view a larger version.

ISO 200

ISO 400

ISO 800

ISO 1600

ISO 3200

ISO 6400

ISO 12800

I would recommend that you click on each image so you could see how great is the NEX3 noise handling ability are. Honestly I m impressed! the noise handling on this little marvel far surpass the ability of my A550.


  1. thanks for the iso samples bro. I'm eagerly waiting to get mine hopefully very soon. Cheers!

  2. even at 12800, its still usable! geng!


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