12 March 2010

Taman Connaught Pasar Malam Arrogant Smelly Shoes seller!

I dont know what the fark is wrong with this smelly shoe uncle seriously ... u pasar malam traders normally also cincai throw your stuffs around, what so strange if ppl stepped on your smelly shoes thats lying around the road? that road your father one ar?

Sommo the person who stepped on your smelly shoes is only a kid you farkface retard! You yell so farking loud for what fark? what you wanna prove? You think you loud ppl sked you ah?! You think you yell so loud ppl will buy your smelly shoes ar?

Saupei lar smelly shoe uncle! you lucky i not stay Connaught ... if not everytime i see your fugly face there i will spit 9 on your bloody face!

Sell smelly shoe till lidat 1st time i see la! So lansi dun sell smelly shoe la! Go sell your beksai la!

If you see this smelly shoe uncle in Connaught pasar malam .. do me a favor ... ask him go saupei la!!!


  1. I understand ler...who stepped on whose shoes and the aunty actually help who?

  2. Nah... Cannot only judge by this part of the video... Didn't really see what happened before that.

    The kid did stepped on the shoes.. But then I think if the kid apologized, then it wouldn't be that bad. Coz he said he will pay the uncle back. Maybe he used kns attitude during that time.

  3. no customer used this to add crowd to his stall..lil kids oso wana bully...i step his shoes i asked him bought my shoes as he simple put the shoes on floor...lol

  4. jom.... lets go whack kau that fellar

  5. that man is really too much. that kid maybe just step on a shoe and now the crazy salesman expect them to buy all the shoes.

    i've met someone like that man before. the one at seri petaling lrt. is an indian man who always ride the motorcycle around. many ppl said that indian man is a very greedy man. no matter how full is the place, he still force the car to squeeze in. due to the problem, my car, latest vios was scratch seriously but the saga car had just a tiny scratch. that indian man thought today he will receive bonus and wanted to bully me,stop me and do not let me go. but suprisingly, i wasn't afraid of him. i argue with him, and he even brought his collegue along to argue with me! and even wanna took a pic of me. but i wasn't afraid.i quickly bend down my head to avoid letting him to take a pic of me n i call my friends, my father, my mom, my cousin to come. by that time he starts to panic and quickly hide inside the pondok. i was so mad at him how dare he bully girls. once everyone has arrived. he started to panic even more and he quickly settle off and quickly went back to the pondok.

  6. Ya la, we do not know how was the argument started off. as mentioned the kid might be cocky by saying that he will compensate back (which the uncle kept repeating over and over again!!).

    but still, need to make a big scene out of it or not? maybe the uncle si beh pek chik no sales that night and wanna make pull a publicity stunt out of it. very sohai make himself the center of attention for nothing.

    but at least he succeeded since we're all here talking bout him and he even go youtube already. haha! now everyone know the smelly shoe seller uncle from Connought. lolx~!!!

    ps: damn farnie when the last guy said, "remember to SHARE this video after this" ... proves that M'sia really got OI SUM. Sharing is caring ma. lolx!!!

  7. I think the kids stepped on the shoes and didn't say sorry instead go and "chuen kau" the uncle saying "jui dou mai pui bei lei"

  8. Actually, I was right in front of this scenario. My whole family was there and we were choosing the "Crocs" which was sold at RM25 a pair. Altogether, we were about to buy 3 pairs of it. Then, all of the sudden, this thing happened. This family of 3 passing through and the boy happened to step on a pair and this "crazy" uncle grabbed his hands and pull him so hard. Poor little boy! All the shoutings and quarreling, with me still holding on to the 3 pairs of unpaid "Crocs", really don't know what to do. But as you keep hearing his shouting, you get more and more angry with him for causing such a scene and making the little boy so frighten. We left the place after my daughter, who was not happy from the very first beginning when the man started shouting, pester us to leave the place. In the end, the seller not only lost his sale of RM75 from me and I get to buy the "Crocs" further down the stores at only RM15 a pair! Meanwhile, I would agree to boycott this seller and to those who don't know where he is, its at Taman Connaught pasar malam, held every Wednesday, and if not mistaken, he's somewhere near where Kentucky is.

  9. I think this probably is a lesson learnt, not only for the shoe uncle, but also for all of us.

    The Internet sure has some serious power in spreading bad things and it spreads very quickly. In no time, this uncle will sure feel the impact of dropping business.

    The other thing is that the customer is always right no matter if he's wrong also, you need to swallow your own pride. Scolding people will only drive potential customers away future long term. Worst case scenario is being caught in the act like this and uploaded on the Internet.

    But, we can't just judge the situation by this video alone, but the uncle is sure is not in a good condition from this video.

  10. Ultima : what you mean u kenot judge the smelly shoe uncle? "Teng" n his whole family was there when it happened in front of him! We got video n we got witness! wat the fark u toking? eat wring medicine izzit?

  11. Hahahaha really pity the poor kid lah! Yes it's possible that he acted a bit one kind after accidentally stepping on the smelly shoe but hey come on lah he's just a kid!

    OK so maybe the seller had his reasons for PMS-ing like that - maybe shit business, stress from making a living, etc. but seriously there is no need to shout so loudly over a trivial matter.

    This bugger thinks his shouting will publicly shame and educate the boy, but he's actually shaming himself. Yup, bloody right I'm judging him as a first class dickhead who brought all this negative internet publicity onto himself.

  12. Anonymous8:35 pm


    The situation is same like what you're doing loh. You not sure my intention / meaning but already scold 9 me...what la....

    Yes, I agree, the uncle shouldn't make a big fuss out of the case but maybe at the coincident also he also got bad mood (relative die or something....)

    I'm not sure whether did the boy apologize or anything, but maybe before this, the uncle confront the boy and ask him apologize but the boy lansi like that and say: "don't have ah, where got" then after some "discussion" the boy maybe say: "Pui Loh..." but didn't pay up also and started leaving like nothing happen....I also not sure the boy step the shoe until what condition so can't say it's actually serious or not...

    In the end, I want to ask lah: Who never flare up before...sometimes even small things also got people flare up one lah...

    Anything, relax lah....this is only a discussion...

  13. A good example of some crazy unreasonable person we met in life sometimes


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