12 May 2008

Suanie Can Act! BeeYamDaBeu Chikin Lice Misteri!

Who say blogger is made of unemployed women wan??!!! Not oni this woman is employed but she also is a pilem star!!! All bcoz she blogs can?!

Shes no ader than the fler who taught me that "round is a shape ... therefore I m in shape!" Suanieeeeeeeeee the liang lui!!!

She kanna cast in this mobie call Chikin Lice Misteri dilekted by another this Ahbeng Dilekter Swifty together they taruk the chikin lice misteri mobie into BeeYamDabeu shorties 2008 hoping to win some oscar or academy awards.

Now lemme show you some footage I stole from Suan's brog.

This is how Suan roll eyes .... see see? she got talent or what??!!! just this pose alone can win oscar ledi!!! if she roll eye lidat to me on the spot i can climax sial!

In this pilem .... suan the pilem star is playing the role of a pwetty ahlian aunty whom loves to eat lollipop and chikin lice wan! Why she like lolipop and chikin lice? U watch the mobie yourself la!

See?! SEE?! Suan dem chun rite?!!! her lips can win angelina guli!!! Pheeewweetttt~!!!!

Of coz chun la! Got popetsehnel kasi mekap sama lia wan wor!!!

The short mobie is really really mind boggling wan! dem Ahbeng style mia mobie! Filled with komidi and drama and tragedy and misteri!!! Made in Mareysiah!!! Sommo the Dilekter gua mia brader!

Swifty the Ahbeng Dilekter!

Sapot Ahbeng Producksyen wei!!!

Vote For Ahbeng Dilekter wei!!!

How to Vote? Kam lemme teech lu!

Lidis wan :
1) Go to http://www.bmwshorties.com.my
2) Click on ‘VOTE NOW’
3) Click on the last thumbnail in the gallery
4) Click on ‘WATCH NOW’
5) Click on ‘VOTE THIS

Lets show peeple some Ahbeng pahwer can? Kanneh ... if not ppl see us no up wan!!! GO VOTE NOW!! Suan plomise to blanja u all eat lolipop if she wins!!! dun briff u ask her la!


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