14 May 2007

You wanna see my Wee Wee?

Ahbeng has been dating Ahlian for a few months ledi, all the while Ahlian dem demure lidat so Ahbeng decided to test Ahlian and see whether she is as innocent as she looks anot.

So, one day after movie Ahbeng drove Ahlian to a secluded place, unzipped his fly and turn to her and say :

Ahbeng : Ahlian my lafu ... you want to see my wee wee anot??~~
Ahlian : YERR!!!! i dunwan i dunwannn!! I dunwan see wee wee der!!

Ahbeng dem happy lar hear Ahlian say lidat ... so confirm this Ahlian is really innocent and demure one ... one week after that Ahbeng proposed to Ahlian to kahwin him and Ahlian agreed.

On the same night Ahbeng tested Ahlian again and like the previous time .... Ahlian said "I dunwan see!! I dunwan see!!! Again Ahbeng dem happy with her response.

Then come the nite when they got married .... Ahbeng dem sexcited la that nite! He thot to himself "Wuah Ahlian so innocent and demure, she gerenti still virgin one la!" so he go into his bedroom where Ahlian is readily waiting for him, Ahbeng unzipped his pants, climbed onto the bed and said to Ahlian :

Ahbeng : Ahlian now that we are finally married, now you can look at me naked without feeling guilty ledi!
Ahlian : EeeekkKK!!! Ahbeng your wee wee so cute der!!
Ahbeng : No larling, wee-wee is for small boi only .. mine is a kok!
Ahlian : No leh larling! This is a wee-wee leh! A kok is hard and long and big and black like Maniam wan!


  1. so... i'm hard and long and big and black. hmmm

  2. hahaha..tis 1 farking funny..

  3. belle3:30 pm

    boleh mati ketawa.kudos lian lian!!

  4. alamak used car.

  5. but mine is hard, long, big but NOT black wo. then its call wat le??

  6. *laughs at k0ks3nw4i's comment* so ah k0k is hard and long and big and orh orh! AHaks! Like maniam's!

  7. Long kok! long kok!

  8. how about white and an inch long?

  9. how about white and an foot long?

  10. For a moment I thought Ah Lian gonna say; "I dun wan to see your wee wee because I too have one!!"

  11. Pity that ah beng ar

  12. Same opinion with Cocka! xD

  13. i like wee wee~! hahaha~!

  14. so urs is cock or wee wee leh? kakakka

  15. kok : kakakaka u r not black la! u r one bleachED kok!

    ritchie : nayahahaha ... farnee leh!

    belle : niahma u dun mati la! later sam kam find me!

    sasha : kaka recon car la!

    youngbrat : err .. its called kuku?

    william : lmao! bleached cock! omg!

    lehbit : yer u yaiyai ler!

    ckyeo : leong kok is luapuhsen in hakka

    clement : white & a foot long? albino one eyed snake?

    cocka : haha that will be abit unfortunate la! u try b4 izzit?

    sengkiat : itulah! nx time inspect before you buy!

    cy : u also kena chick with a dick b4 ar?

    april : *gulp* ... we knew ledi ..

    huei : oi we toking bout ahbeng lar! not me la!

  16. -_-" apalah... commenting on your post lah, not on me!


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