22 May 2007

Short Trip to Singapore

Altho we are just being seprated by a river but driving in singapore itself is a refreshing experience.

Nice comfy roads and clean enviroments, no sudden overtaking everything is just so right about this place.

They got nice clean and spacious shopping complexes everywhere and you dont hafta goto the center of the city to do your shopping.

Their bank officers are the most professional I met so far. No counter for you to wait in and you get to talk face to face, one to one with the officer! no nid Q up take number wan!

And of coz the fehmes landmark of Singapore, the HDB flats in the background.

New, clean and striking taxis unlike the one we got here ... hey they even give printed receipts too! Not to mention they do accept credit cards also.

I was suprised that such an old car like VW bettle still exist in Singapore and in such a good condition still!

This is how you display parking ticket in Singapore, yes you gotta pay parking fees even if you are parking at your own home.

And that concludes my one day tour of Singapore, the country is nice but the driving is killing me old bones!


  1. wtf?? parking at home oso need to pay??

  2. yalor! parking at home oso need pay ah @_o sweat...

    and i don't know their taxi can accept credit card lor!! woot go take taxi oso need pay using credit card, no bring cash meh = ='

    really eye opener... i muz go singapore one day, never go before hahhahaa

  3. farking cheapskte lar u..go city need to pay autopass mar tat y u din go city shopping....LOL

  4. huei : yar parking at own aprtment also need to pay, tak kira day or nite.

    conan : they got marsilee taksi wan! phuh!!! sommo some of their teksi inside got let u sing karaokeh mia! terror anot?! lol

    ahnel : shhh dun tell dun tell!!! *malu*

  5. what la, u go sinkapola just to c bankk n c teksi nia?? nothing to eat there meh??

  6. gasoon, wingz kok not just to n look see look see the bank and taxi. Actually, he go to the bank to check on his account mah. Wah!!! You damn rich hor, got bank account in Spore lagi. Mine is only with Simpanan Nasional. LOL


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