11 May 2007

Sorry! Tomlo I go see Gynee!

Anoder round of driving range this weekend, details HERE

One night Ahbeng suddenly "under"stand, then he fast fast go up to the his bedroom to look for his wife (Ahlian).

Ahlian ngam ngam wanna goto sleep that time, so Ahbeng also say lidis :

Ahbeng : ermmm~~~ baby .... I wantt~~~
Ahlian : Soli hor! tomlo i got appointment with Gainee horr, later your gum still inside then shame shame ler ....
Ahbeng : but but .... i need wor ...
Ahlian : kenot la larling ... kenottt
Ahbeng : Want laaa ....
Ahlian : No la!! shame laaa aiyooo ... tomlo give u la!

Ahbeng then tulan edi kena rejek ... he turned to another side and lie there thinking .... then after a few minutes he turn back to Ahlian and said :

Ahbeng : baby arr~~~ ...... tomlo you dont have dentist appoinment hor??


  1. Ini AhBeng.. die die also he want hor?

  2. This Ah Beng must learn DIY.

  3. hahaha... smart ah beng !!

  4. ini ahbeng desperate liao!!! =P hehehe

  5. Lucky Ah Beng dinch ask 'baby arr~~~ tomolo you donch hv proctologist appointment hor?'

  6. This Ah Beng should go hit wall... LOL

  7. Wah AhBeng so desperate liau har. Find all sort of way to make AhLian do something for him.


    i tot he ask her to turn ard tim

  9. Gum inside?

    Huh!!? No spare rubber meh?

  10. lehbit : how u know ahbeng die die also want ar? u know ahbeng one izzit? lol

    horny : niahma! kahwin ledi still DIY mehh??

    janicepa : hahaha u toking from sexperiences izzit?

    huei : U also know this ahbeng??!!

    doc : sifu proctologist is check buntut one izzit?

    kenny : hit wall die edi ahlian how? lol

    erina : u shud know wat? u kahwinED edi wan wor! lol

    sasha : ask ahlian turn around and do what ar ?

    moo_t : rubber mahal lar nowadays!!! go natural la! lol


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