13 May 2007

Bloggers Go Driving Range

This week is not as bad, not much aching after that ... prolly the arms got used to it ledi. I guessed this is gonna be a weekly event till we all found something better to do lol!

Anyway here are some photos of the driving range session.

Whats witht he flouresent yellow colored golf balls? its easier to find for noob like me!

Nick is teaching Frostier some new trick while Kenny just launched a ball

lining up

Leng-Leng golfer Pennypupz taking a shot

Kenny showing lotsa improvements in his swing

Whacking golf balls in driving range is a good form of stress theraphy .... whack hundreds of balls ledi the sweat like hell and feel good bout it!

More photos kambing soon! right after our official photographer sent me his photos.


  1. Yeah... this time not much aching.

  2. Wah lau............ tak boleh tahan sama lu olang lar

  3. Have to improve my swinging...
    i mean golf swing lar.. ish ish

  4. Wingz,
    The color in your photos today is way over saturated! Hurts my eye! You got eye flower after the session of golf is it? Hahaha...

  5. Walau. All your swings improve so fast. Like that very fast must go to the green. Must be got good sifu.

  6. kenny : yea .. maybe a few more rounds then will get immuned to it ledi lol

    erina : hahaha mehjekkk ... its teh fun u no?!

    frostier : low lik!!! add oil!!!

    civilian unit : ya la .. kanneh derno why the pics turn out like kanasai one

    flsam : we got super power sifu nick!!

  7. Golfnick3:06 am

    Glad to see everybody getting into it ! But you guys got to get rid of the title sifu! I learn as much from you guys as you guys learn from each other. At least I'm not wearing skirt this time. Great outing guys.:)


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