25 May 2007

Shivers Me Timbers! RAWRRR!!!

Its nice to see so many familiar faces in one place, Its the first all bloggers movie session sponsored by Nuffnang and with all of us there ... I doubt there is much movements on PPS yesday nite.

I arrived at the Curve at around 7 pm, a geng of us wanna sit down tok kok and stuff our fat face before we goto the cinema. Innitially I am suppose to meet Kenny Ng, Frostier, CKYeo, Pennypupz, Huei and Paul Tan at TGIF but when i arrived I met Cely, Hongkiat, Cincau, Kimchi, Zeo, Belle, Albert, Jayelle and alot of some other bloggers are also there. Its like a pre-gathering before the movie lidat la! (soli again peeple ... no time to find all your peeple mia url and put up the links)

Tixs to POTC 3

So when bloggers n bloggers sits together we Sing song & Tok Kok la! what else! lol!!!

All of us arrived at the cinema at around 9:15pm. There, I met Suanie, FA, KY, Jeff Ooi, SplashMilk, Tim, Earl, Shiryen, Kidchan, Smashpop, Vicky, Shaolin Tiger, Kimberlycun, Simon. flsam and a whole lot more bloggers!!! So many bloggers there that nite, if something bad happened to that building that night .... I think not much Malaysian blogs to read anymore after that lol!

Gwai low Pirate

I would like to congratulate Tim & his teamates for a job well done!!

Tim doing the impression of the nuffnang logo lol (pic taken from Kenny Ng)

I very likey the movie! So long noone blanja me watch movie ledi! I so touched!!! Tenkiu!!!


  1. weh... why u no pakai macam pirate gi movie??

  2. he he .... Thanks Timothy & team putting efforts organizing the event!

    :) I had fun!

  3. I didnt goooo!!!!! missed a chance to meet the famous wingz..aww..

  4. I saw you...you see me not. haha.

  5. haha. not onli tok kok n sing song lar. got also camwhore la.

  6. Wah!!! Get to go very lansi chor lar. Never say invite me also. :-(

  7. ish.... i dunno which one is u ><

  8. I was there.. but didn't see u also >.<

  9. Next time please shout: "To all rojaks fan si, please look here, I'm the rojaks punya boss!" lol. We need to meet, I don't believe I can't see you since I stay at sg long!

  10. may

    NO WAY U CANT C HIM!!! he so big!

  11. :) If anything happened there I think there'd be no malaysian blogs left actually!

  12. zewt : why you dint go one?

    yapthomas : tarak size! kakakaka

    vicky : finally i get to meet u!

    AYC : no meet me nebermind ... me not fehmes wan! lol

    10thMac : you not leng la! got come also never show face!

    frostier : haha not much time to camwhore also

    erina : where got lansi jekkk? not my party ler how to inbite u lerrr ampunnnnn

    danielctw : wuah u kenot miss me wan!!! i so big size! the biggest in the cinema! lol

    may : how can u miss me worrrr? impossible to miss one wor! lol

    loiuss : yala! sg long so small but also kenot meet sial!

    savante : hahaha got la! got alot more bloggers cant make it wan wat?


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