1 May 2007

Whats Hip This Season?

Happy Wesak Day!

We at Rojaks Institute of researches always come out with new and latest innovation to cater for your unik taste in fashion and attire.

New release this season is our Automatic Show off Bathing suit. We did a survey and found that 80% of females actually love to showoff their bust to their potential mate but at the same time they also shy shy abit.

Therefore we thot of this unik bathing suit that will help you show off and expose your longkang for sampling purposes. (if only you have enuff bust size to go with it la)

All you gotta do is sneeze! har? you dont understand? ok ok nebermind ... we got a demo video showing you how it can be done, all you gotta do is to follow the video closely and watch your man drools! GerentiED results or 30 days mani bek gerenti!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Next! we have this spesel towel to help you send to signal to your potential frend .... We called it "Happy" Towel .... why happy? I derno ... the marketing dept came out with that name wan!
Both products kambing soon to a supermarket near lu!!!


  1. alexallied8:37 pm

    boss! I order the towel, gimme 500 box wokey!!!

  2. eh wanna break the buttons also need at least D cup ok?! if no D cup how to break it? tear it open? :P

  3. lolx. can wan.. u spoil the buttons lorr.. a small sneeze enough to break it...leave only a strand of string there..any small sneeze SHOULD break it loose..

  4. I wan the D cup!!

  5. alex : u want so much for waht???

    Sharon : eh ... u got D cup what??!! tear open also can la!!! pretend to play SM lol

    tomoko : oi i thot u said u r tomboy! how u know all this wan? l0l

    Ckyeo : mahai if u want D cup hor ... u kena go do surgery liow! kakakakkaa

  6. wa..lau bei huet..

  7. Anonymous1:36 am

    haha.. this is funny.


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