13 May 2007

The Colors Of Pasar Pagi

Today is my first trip to a morning pasar this year! Yar .. i know i freaking lazy and i prefer to on a midnite trip to tesco rather than goto a morning trip to the pasar pagi but since tonite I m cooking up a feast for my mum and grandma, I got no choice .... i kena go pasar pagi by hook or by crook.

So i dragged my fatass outta bed early early in the morning and headed towards the pasar. It has been so long since my last trip to a morning market ... what used to be annoying, noisy, smelly and crowded pasar is now kinda refreshing, pleasant and colorful experiences. Maybe i really outta go Morning pasar more often ... even Lil Devil loves going to the morning pasar too!

Colorful rows of stalls in the pasar

Poultry and butcher stall side by side

Pai kuat leong kilo erm koi!

Kuehs!!! OH glorious Kuehs!!!!

Aunty's Old skool Oil Fried Ghost (Yau Char Gwai)

Lil Devil enjoying his Pasar trip

Onions, garlic etc....

Dragennnn fruitss something ... bla bla bla

Yes .. they selling puppies in pasar too! This Shih Tzu is going for RM500 oni

Lil Devil fav fruit .... Seterobeli!

Ok!!! Clever sharpened, chopping board cleaned, apron cleaned, Woks cleaned, spatulan cleaned! Im all armed and ready!!! Im gonna cook a feast tonite, wish me luck!!


  1. AH! Cook for me also can? I am coming I am coming! Hohoho!

  2. hehhe so now cooking liao la??? macam mana alive boh?? got burn down the kitchen anot? :P

    so sweet la cook for ma and grandma!!

  3. Wa mau that shih tzu! Very cute oh...Rm500 onli...

  4. lehbit : CAN!! u want what flavormia maggi? chicken or kari?

    conan : yar the time u left komen i was cooking ... like perang lidat lol

    je5sie : ya lor! i almost wanna buy the puppy ledi!!! ALMOST!!! hes so cute!

  5. u wake up ur lil devil teman u go pasar ar?? so bad!!! =P

  6. So, r u going to tell us what u have been cooking and show us some pics too?

  7. that pasar pagi looks familiar.
    WAIT! it's just opposite my house...


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