2 May 2007

Bloggers Go Golfing With Golfnick

Just a short one.

A bunch of us bloggers lead by Golfnick will be having a driving range session this Saturday. If you are new to golf and you wanna know how what to bring and what not, well read this article by Golfnick HERE

Details as follow :

Date : 5th May 2007
Time : Later afternoon 3-4pm lidat
Venue : Email me at rojaks.wingz[at]gmail.com for further infos.
Expected Attendance : less than 10 peeple.
You will need to bring your own gloves and your own stick (golf club) balls no nid to bring ... since you got them attached to you the moment you're born KAKAKAKA!!!

oh and also .... No slipper pulez! erm ... no camwhoring too can?!

As I m no longer a virgin to golf, but it would be nice to watch some of the bloggers kena deflower as this is their first swing at the balls! Wanna join us? still got a few slots available now, email me ok?


  1. pinjam ur stick can a?
    no money buy stick

  2. Include me please taikor! And... can pinjam iron ah? Iron No. 7 can ledi... pls...

  3. Wow, this sounds really cool. I would love to join, but my shoulder's been nasty to me since I walloped the living daylights out of it before retiring from gym last October. *SIGH*

  4. make sure dun go in wrong hole ok! kakakka

  5. Huei,

    Err... There is no hole involved in a driving range session... only sticks and balls...


  6. If got hole. Bring putter not iron lor. Only putter can use in the green.


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