7 May 2007

First Bloggers Driving Range Gathering

I felt like i lost my right arm, that explains why i dint blog much the last 3 days.

Why felt lidat? because I went to my first Golf related bloggers meet. Actually golf is a very misunderstood game .... peeple thot only rich basket can afford to play golf, but actually there are some degree of truth in that statement lar. Over the time golf had evolved, you no longer needs to be a rich basket to enjoy a game of golf, even ahbeng like me also can enjoy golf without burning a hole in your pocket.

I spent RM12 last Sat for 200 bijiks of balls and 3+ hours of fun, the aching body is the sign of old age and it has got nothing to do with golf wan! lol!

And Golf is totally not boring if u are playing with us la!!! Dont belif me? mch ledi expected u all dun belif me wan la!!! nvm ... as usual i got prove mia!!!

Sky Keep You and Frostier taking a swing

Lenglui Pennypupz dem yeng with her pose.

Sifu Nick is asking : Where is my balls?

Kenny Ng taking a shot

Frostier dem happy after breaking his 200meter record.

And to prove that we are still as wacky as before and golf didnt turn us into some serious boring monsters we took the below pics.

Erm .. FYI ... thats my hand hes holding ....

Lenglui penny join in the fun too by doing anoder signature finger pose.

If by playing golf can u make u turn high krass, then we are all now high krass Ahbeng and Ahlian ledi la!!!

Who else wanna plomote to high krass Ahbeng or Ahlian faster kontek our Sifu Nick la!


  1. wahh.. mahai all 'siong dang yan' ledi. play golf wan..

  2. Walau Sifu Nick give free golf lessons ah. All seems so yeng and so happy. :)

  3. Mafoolat!!! I 1000 balls 999 balls enter longkang wan!

  4. Cham lor... I felt I lost my fingers and I can't play my guitars for this few days already. LOL

  5. Golfnick1:26 am

    oooiii! wats this sifu business!! Just pray pray only. But we got to get the photographer to pick up the game. He caught me with golf skirt.MCH! how to explain to the leng lois! Aiyah!

  6. where is yr devil?

    why kenny looked like he wanna o si?

  7. Wah......... so fun leh. Next time, I go kl I will ask my lohkong to bring along his golf set and then, I will join you satu kaki. But hor, I never play golf b4 one har. Need you all to coach me.

  8. Golfnick11:50 pm

    Yo! len chais and leng lois. Propose to meet up again this Saturday! Anyone interested, send a yea to Wingz or myself(golfnick). Need to prepare stick and balls.


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