12 May 2007

A Mother's Day Post

Why are we dedicating one specific day in an entire year to celebrate Mother's day? By doing this are we indirectly saying that we should be nice to our mum only once a year?

Why not everyday also mother's day? Not that its gonna affect the alredi sucks economy in anyway also (no holiday on Mother's day wat?)

But thats the way our society is today and with the help of irresponsible media and inconsiderable ads on TV, pretty soon our kids will totally forget about the respect they ought to give to their mother.

There are these particular 2 ads on TV that I noticed is spreading this unhealthy morale, poisoning the mind of our younger generation :

The first one were showing how her kids disregard the fact that their mum is watching her favourite drama, snatched the remote control and change the channel without even asking their for approval first. This happened quite often till the dad (instead of teaching the young ones to respect their mum) bought a recorder to record his wife's favourite drama so that she could watch them when the kids is not around. Great morale right? Dont give a shit about your mum, who is she to disturb me from watching my favourite TV program?! KNN LA!!

The second one is a shower gel advertisement where the doter refused to hug her mom bcoz the doter said her mom mia skin very the rough (kasar), as if her mum will stay young forever lidat! Now skin rough the doter alredi refused hug you ... what if next time her mum kedut kedut ledi? Then what? Send mum to old folks home??

Niahma with this kinda advertisements poisoning the minds of our young generations, no wonder we need to set a day to remind the kids to treat their mother better la!

Look, do you still remember last time when you are still too young to care for yourself? when you are still wearing diapers? when you shit in your pants or wet your pants? Who cleaned you up? When you are sick who brought you to the doctor even tho its alredi middle of the nite and who stayed up with your throughout the nite? Did they tried to discard of you and complains that you are too troublesome?

I know best because this is what i am going thru right now .... at around 10pm while I am having my dinner yesday, I got a call from my mum telling me that Lil Devil knocked his head hard on the corner of the cupboard while playing with my sis and his head is still bleeding.

We panicED and rush to mum's house as fast as we could. We brought him to the clinic to get him checked up, cleaned his wound and dress the wound up. He dint even cry, not even abit ... but his mum were crying as if shes the one with a bleeding head.

And me .... I dont think I m gonna get any sleep tonite because the doctor asked us to monitor his condition fearing he might get concussion or trauma as the result of the impact.

Hope he wont be having any fever or pukes during this few hours ......

Notty Lil Devil blew a hole on his head fighting with the corner of the cupboard to see whose harder.

Docs bandaging Lil Devil's head

It aint easy bringing up a kid and you dont see them giving up on you when you are troublesome rite?

Its Mother's day tomlo ... altho i dont really agree with this Mother day thingy but be nice to your folks ok? Tell them how much you love them, they wont be here forever you know?

To all the Mothers in the world, Happy Mother's Day and to my mum ... Mummy I love you!


  1. wah so terrerr ur son so pain oso din cry! eh don't call him lil mor quai la...

  2. laundryamah : wuah u so late also notchet sleep ka? yar that fler also like me ... we got high pain tolerance one. Lil mor quai suit him leh!

  3. oh my.. poor boy. Sure it hurts. but he didnt cry huh? *thumbs up* brave boy.

    Hope he will be better soon!

  4. It's not nice to call him Lit Devil lar. Being a om is not easy but being a dad is also tarak senang mah. Mum and dad also same one.

  5. Agnes Tan4:51 pm


    How is little devil doing now?

    Like my eldest, playing around his bed during night time, hit his nose on the bed frame. Blood came out of his eye and nose. It's freakily scaring... :-(

  6. belle6:31 pm

    gosh...did u cried this time?
    hope he's alrite =)

  7. say hi to your mum for me wingz!

  8. Yo wingz!

    Hope that lil devil is fine!

    I guess your post gave me a reason NOT to celebrate tomorrow haha. Cause everyday is mother's day!

  9. Yo wingz..

    Hope lil devil get well soon!!!

  10. Ouch! I hope the lil one gets better soon!

  11. Get well soon.

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

  12. yikes. kesian lil devil. i hope he feels better!

  13. ouch! yeah hope the kid will get well soon... sayang sayang...

    and about the adverts, well to me it works just fine wor... i don't think kids of the kids in the adverts will understand what the advert is toking about oso. they'll be off busy looking at looney toons or something. and it's just a marketing strategy to mom saying that "hey buy my product so that ur kid won't say ur skin is kasar!!" and i think the astro ad is quite cute oso lor :P

    just my 2 cents lar...

    newayz, happy niamah day to u too!!!

  14. Brave lil devil. Bet it must hurt!

  15. Aiyoh....see also painful.
    How is he now?

  16. lehbit : yar hes abit stubborn one, he wont cry unless he hurt his ego. hes fine now thanks.

    erina : haha but he memang majiam devil one! tarak stop n sit down mia .. every second also running and terrorizing everybody.

    agnes : hes fine thanks, i took off his bandages one day after that. No concussions no trauma ... thank god! yea its freaking scary when kids got into trouble and as parents we cant do much.

    belle : hes fine now thanks, no i dint cry.

    wuching : Thanks!

    nick : thanks ... hes fine now and its so true bcoz everyday should be a mother/father's day

    kukujiaoman : thanks man!

    mumsgather : hes fine now, thank god or else really derno how.

    kaiwah : thanks

    kimchi : thanks hes alrtie now.

    conan : thanks and yea everyone is also entitled to their own opinion also geh, same question diff perspectives rite?

    simmie : brave? what if he got brave-er? it does hurts alot, but he just refused to cry ... stubborn boy ler that fler.

    cocka : thanks bro ... hes fine now, running around like nobody;s business ledi.

  17. OUCH... hope your lil' Devil is all better now!!

    and Happy Mother's Day to your wife for taking care of you and him! :)

  18. LIL DEVIL Aiyoh Poor thing. Samo yr dad makan syiok syiok at the restaurant.!


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