9 May 2007

Thinking of Breaking Up? This Shrine in Kyoto can help ...

What else a temple/shrine can do for you other than offering blessing? What about breaking up a relationship?

We are in the modern era where everything is made to our conviniences and now, even the god are helping with breakups too!!! Mana mau cari??!! In Japan lar of coz!

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There is this 800 yrs old Yasui Konpiragu Shrine in Kyoto, Japan's Ancient Capital that is offering mostly relationship related prayers/blessings.
KYOTO, Japan, May 7 (Reuters) - Breaking up is hard to do, so visitors to Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital, seek divine intervention to lose that not-so-special someone.

At the 800-year-old Yasui Konpiragu Shrine, some 40,000 visitors a year -- mainly women -- crawl into a wish tunnel, pray and make offerings in "enkiri" rites aimed at cutting the knot.

Hajime Torii, a priest at the shrine run by his family for generations, says special prayers offering consolation to visitors with serious domestic issues go for 6,000 yen ($50).

"About 70 percent of visitors are women. We have been known for a long time for "enkiri" services, which even in Japan are a bit unusual," Torii said.

"Some visitors just want to break up as soon as possible, while occasionally it's parents looking to pray for a child in a bad relationship."

See how easy it is to break up nowadays? Just pay USD50 (RM180) then crawl over a rock tunnel kautim ledi! Eh they even have onlien dating serbis ok??!!! So, after u break up ledi then u can look for new bf/gf imediately!!! Mana mau cari?!!!

So you know where to go to if you wanna break up with someone ledi la?

Majiam majiam ada!!!


  1. belle4:25 pm

    request yr bf to marry u immediately or u request u wan sport car.c he dump u anot.
    need skills wan noneed go pay for broke up.if got skills hor.can get teng pou fai ler!

  2. Wingz!

    My gf and I broke up today. I came to your blog looking for a good laugh..and the latest post is about break ups

    Haha...talk about fate..


  3. wahlao... japan macam tu oso got pinya ha @-o speaking of weird weird prayers...

    and so expensive somemore!! just get a lawyer to do the trick lar...

    rm180! agree with belle, just bug ur bf to buy you a sports car or bug your gf to have sex with you every hour for one week and you'll get the breakup soon enough.

    sorry to hear that nick... :(

  4. i got better way..let him/her run into u with another gal/guy in the bed!!

  5. these jipun kia very pintai one!

  6. Hmmm, this is interesting. Should pay a visit, i happen to stay in Kyoto ;)


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